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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminum Water Bottles Instead Of Plastic Bottles

Aluminum Water Bottles
Benefits of Using Aluminum Water Bottles Instead Of Plastic Bottles
Aluminum Water Bottles
Benefits of Using Aluminum Water Bottles Instead Of Plastic Bottles

Benefits of Using Aluminum Water Bottles Instead Of Plastic Bottles to Drink Water. 

One of the most promoted green acts is using our own bottled water instead of buying plastic bottled water which is available in convenience stores. Indeed it is easier to buy whenever we need water or feel thirsty, but using plastic bottles constantly is very dangerous for our earth. Can you imagine just how many plastic bottles are thrown by the careless people who opt to use them rather than bringing their own bottles? Millions of it!

Those plastic bottles end up in a landfill, and will need around 450 years before it can completely unravel! Thus why using a sustainable aluminum water bottle is recommended because it has many benefits! On top of that, you can also use it as a marketing tool and create custom water bottles for business promotional items.

Why aluminum?

Nowadays people are searching for a more environmentally friendly alternative to combat climate change and protect our earth. Indeed plastic had proven to be highly effective for daily usage. It can be created as a water-proof and airtight seal for product packaging, very durable to use for toys and other appliances manufacturing, to conclude it is very convenient. But at the same time, it is highly dangerous as well. 

Now we are highly aware of the risks that plastic poses to our health and the environment, it’s time to say goodbye to this material. We only have one earth, we should do everything we can to protect it from harm.

Aluminum is one of the easily accessible options for eco-friendly packaging. Unlike plastic, aluminum is easily recycled – and also it can be recycled infinitely with ease! Though it is slightly more expensive, it has lots of benefits, which are not only to protect our earth. 

What are the benefits of aluminum bottles?

Aluminum bottles are eco-friendly

Using aluminium bottles because they are eco-friendly is the ultimate reason why we opt to use aluminum water bottles instead – because it is sustainable and can be used repeatedly and for a long time. By using an aluminum bottle, you don’t have to keep buying water bottles in the store whenever you feel like you want to drink. This will help you to save money and most importantly press the number of trash that needs to be put away.

Aluminum product is easily recycled

Recycled aluminum is totally sustainable to use. And it also needs rather low energy to recycle and turn into a new product. When it breaks down, aluminum also does not release any dangerous compounds into the environment. Aluminum is a natural metal that can be recycled indefinitely – making it a perfect solution to create a sustainable product.

Can be safely reused 

Aluminum may be used repeatedly without causing any harm even if you keep recycling it into a new product. This is one of the important features of an aluminum water bottle. Because you want to make sure that even though you use a water bottle that is coming from recycled materials – it can still be safe to hold the liquid inside. It can even be used repeatedly without encountering any issues even when it has been dented.

Aluminum bottles don’t release hazardous or damaging compounds into the air or the liquid inside of the bottle. You will get the same nutritious and clean water. This is contrary to plastic bottles. These plastic materials have been shown to leak carcinogens into the liquids they contain, especially when heated! A carcinogen is very dangerous because it can harm our health and even have the capabilities to cause cancer in the body. Thus why if you love yourself, you should never use any kind of plastic for a long time. 

If you want to ensure that your aluminum bottles can be useful for a long time, do not forget to keep them clean and regularly wash them after usage. 

Maintains the temperature of the beverage 

As a natural metal compound, aluminum also has a wonderful benefit – which is being able to hold and maintain the temperature of the liquid inside its bottled water for a long time. 

The aluminum inside of the bottle will act as an insulator for the liquid within the bottle, thus helping to make your cold beverage cooler for a long time, or hot liquid to stay warm.

To take part in protecting our earth, you can start by doing even the simplest thing. Always bring your water bottle inside your bag, so when you feel thirsty you can just take it out and drink it instead of visiting the nearest convenience store to buy one.