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Midwest college grad fired for racist criticism of Bronx Bodega

Griffin Green aka Bodega Bro TikTok
Griffin Green aka Bodega Bro fired from Outreach cancel culture woke mob responds to TikTok videos. Images via TikTok/@grifgreen20.
Griffin Green aka Bodega Bro TikTok
Griffin Green aka Bodega Bro fired from Outreach cancel culture woke mob responds to TikTok videos. Images via TikTok/@grifgreen20.

Griffin Green aka Bodega Bro fired after woke mob comes looking for him after insensitive naive comments about Bronx culture. Navigating cancel culture. 

When you refuse to understand (and respect) how NYC culture works, the mob will be waiting for you …

A Midwestern college graduate has been fired from his NYC tech job after TikTok videos he made complaining about Bronx bodegas led to widespread accusations of racism.

Griffin Green, 24, relocated to NYC  from Michigan last week to take up a new role as a sales development rep with the software company Outreach — before being fired from the firm after a Twitter mob incensed with his remarks demanded his ouster.

Green had sublet an apartment in the South Bronx after arriving in New York and shared a series of videos to TikTok, crassly claiming culture shock about his new surroundings.

‘OK, so I just moved to New York and I’m going to go grocery shopping, and so I type in like, ‘grocery stores,’ on my Apple Maps, and every f–king one I go to … they’re like this s–t,’ he stated in one video, before panning the camera to show a local bodega.

‘Someone lied to me and told me the Bronx was the new Williamsburg!’

‘Like bro, that’s not a grocery store,’ he continued in the clip. ‘I’m trying to get, like eggs, yogurt, cheese, s–t like that. Like, look at this place.’

He later stated: ‘Like I’ve literally been to like five of those now, and like, I don’t know what the f–k I’m about to do for dinner. Like where are the Krogers and the Whole Foods at? Like I’m about to eat f–king like cereal and ramen for dinner, like what the f–k?’

Here’s an insider, former long term New Yorker’s tip for Green: ‘If you want uppity and fancy and gourmet, you’re probably going to have to move closer to where that fancy sh%t lives. Try south of 96th st Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. There’s a reason why rent is cheaper in Bronx and that probably has a lot more to do with the socio-economic breakdown of who lives there as opposed to where you would probably prefer to live with your preppy well fed New Yorkers.’ 

It wasn’t long before Green’s video did a number of a few people, with one individual  sharing the clip to Twitter, where it quickly went viral (do you suppose …?) with Green earning the social media ‘you have arrived’ moniker ‘Bodega Bro.’

The clip attracted widespread attention, with some saying Green was exuding white privilege following his insensitive remarks about the Bronx — a majority minority borough of the city.

According to Reason, outraged viewers also took issue with other clips of Green surveying his new surroundings in the Bronx.

And the f##kery begins:

‘WTF? Why can’t I find any gentrification in the Bronx?’ 

‘I’m in the Bronx for a few weeks so I’m like the only white dude in this whole gym, so I got this NAACP shirt so these people vibe with me more,’ our collective hero says in one video.

But there was more to come…

In another clip, Griffin Green remarked on how many gay people resided in New York, questioning whether ‘being gay is just a thing now.’

And that’s when the cancel culture mob went to work…

Social media sleuths uncovered an older TikTok video made by Green in which he showed off a confidential offer-of-employment letter and announced he was moving to New York City.

The letter revealed he worked at Outreach, and one person tweeted the tech firm to alert them to Green’s viral bodega video.

‘Hey, I was offended. Do you mind firing your new hire?’ 

‘I don’t think it’s very flattering to have this type of person representing your company,’ they wrote from a private account. ‘I would revalue his employment if I were you.’

And the seed was planted and the self doubt began and how would it look to employ an individual deemed racist and imbued with white privilege? Maybe give them a pass? At least a sit down chat? But in 2022? No chance kids …

It wasn’t long before Outreach took the bait and responded, ‘Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Upon investigation, we took swift internal action in accordance with our company policies and in alignment with our core values. He is no longer an employee of Outreach.’

The company careful to cover its tracks, insisted in a statement to Reason that they terminated Green for sharing the confidential employment letter on social media — not for posting his controversial videos.

Do you suppose? Really …? 

Started the PR appeasement to the mob: ‘It is against company policy for employees to leak private and confidential information, and grounds for termination,’

Continued the released statement courtesy of vice president of communications. ‘We remain committed to building our culture that finds strength in our diversity, equity and inclusion — and a company where all can succeed.’

Green’s TikTok account has since been switched to private. Too late bro… 

After news of Green’s prompt firing got out, many took exception with Bodega Bro’s former employer, rightly accusing them of giving in to a ‘woke mob.’

When you’re living in a 24/7 safe box

‘Bodega Bro shouldn’t have been fired. He wasn’t racist. He was a fish out of water. His TikTok was cringe, but getting your privileged little mind blown by big city food deserts isn’t a good enough reason to lose your income when you first move to a new city,’ one social media commentator wrote.

One black woman leaped to Green’s defense, saying there was nothing wrong with calling out a lack of adequate supermarkets in the Bronx or anywhere else in New York City. Maybe just the way and style – but then again this is what happens when you hurt fragile egos where safe rooms exist to appease and appeal to one’s fragmented and offended egos…

‘Nah I’m a black woman who moved from suburban Georgia and had the exact same reaction especially moving to Flatbush Brooklyn where there is exactly one real grocery store,’ she posted. ‘It’s hard to feed yourself out here that’s why it’s called a food desert. People shouldn’t have to live like this.’

Green told Reason he received a call from HR and was fired on his second day. He asked for an opportunity to explain himself, but says his request was denied.

But then again is anyone really surprised in the terror town called: you offended my feelings? What if the mob decides to punish us the employer for ignoring the mob’s mandates? 

But there was more to come…

Green’s abrupt firing led to Bodega Bro purportedly fussing abut his (lack of) finances, having just signed a 12-month lease. The company is also purportedly withholding a $2,500 relocation bonus that would’ve come with his first paycheck.

‘People can be painted as these mean awful people when really they’re just trying to explore new things,’ Green stated. ‘I was exploring New York for the first time … I didn’t know that people do grocery shopping at these corner stores.’

‘It was more of an intent to almost like make fun of myself for being a new person in the city,’ he added.

‘Do you mind donating to my F**kery?’ 

And with every sad story there is a budding flower trying to shine…

One supporter has since claimed Green is a victim of cancel culture, and since begun a fundraising initiative for him at GiveSendGo.

”Bodega Bro’ Griffin Green was wrongly fired by his job Outreach for having the audacity to prefer Kroger to bodegas,’ the fundraising description reads. ‘After moving to New York and signing a lease, the woke mob relentlessly harassed his employer until they caved in and terminated him over some TikTok JOKES.’

‘Help ‘Bodega Bro’ get back on his feet and have enough money to buy all the eggs, yogurt, and cheese he wants from a real supermarket. All proceeds will go to Griffin Green,’ the bio continued.

As of Friday, the fundraiser has raised more than $8,136. Which isn’t bad work if you can get it. Assuming the cancel woke mob don’t appear at your next job start or landlord application appointment … or God knows where ever else ‘offended’ people live.