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Best Ideas To Style A V Neck Tee This Summer

styling V-neck t-shirts
Creative ideas for styling V-neck t-shirts for summer casual chic look
styling V-neck t-shirts
Creative ideas for styling V-neck t-shirts for summer casual chic look

Creative ideas for Styling V-neck t-shirts for summer. Whether with classic denim, chinos & a blazer, under a suit, or with cargo pants & denim jacket the feeling and look is casual chic. 

If there’s one piece of wardrobe we could wear pretty much every day in summer, it’s the t-shirt. It’s comfortable, versatile and can be paired with pretty much anything from shorts to jeans to linen pants. 

A great way to elevate any summer look (even the simplest one) is to choose a V-neck tee that’s a tiny bit more stylish and put-together than your classic crews or polos. 

Need some ideas for styling your V-neck tee this summer? You’re in the right place, so let’s dive in! 

What’s a V-neck

V-neck t-shirt is just what its name indicates – a tee with a V-shaped neckline. Usually, V-necks are slim fitting and highlight the figure nicely. They also work for any occasion, from your everyday at the office to beach trips to even smart-casual summer events (we’re looking at weddings and cocktail parties!).

Another advantage of a V-neck tee is that it looks great on almost anyone – the V shape elongates the body, making you look taller and slimmer and even making the jaw and shoulders look more masculine and angular. How awesome is that?

Styling V-neck tees for summer 

Okay, we believe we’ve made our case for the men’s v neck, so let’s move on to the best styling for the summer. 

Classic denim

Your monochrome V-neck tee (white, navy, grey or black) will look excellent with classic denim trousers. It’s a sexy look that’s been strong since the 60s, and simplicity here is key. Forget graphics, logos or ripped jeans – go for straight blue denim and canvas sneakers, and you’re golden!

With chinos and a blazer

It would be great if we all could take the summer off, but since it’s not the case, the next best thing is a cool summer work outfit. 

Pair your V-neck with your chinos and an unstructured blazer, and say goodbye to stuffy shirts and sports coats! 

This looks will work for the office, business lunches and even dinner with the in-laws.

Under a suit  

Yes, you can wear your V-neck tee under a suit! It’s the perfect combination for a summer wedding or other event. We recommend opting for light neutral colours, for example, a white or off-white tee and a sky blue or linen colour summer suit. 

Pair with espadrilles or loafers for the ultimate preppy look!

A monochrome look 

If you’re up for something different, create a monochrome look by pairing your tee with the same colour bottoms. Go for slightly different shades and break the look with neutral footwear. 

This is a perfect outfit for your holidays or weekends by the sea. 

Colours, colours 

Summer is the time for being bold and bright, so don’t be afraid to experiment with such V-neck colours as purple, mustard yellow, moss green or sky blue. 

Pair the tee with neutral (navy, khaki, cream) shorts or trousers and accessorize with hats, caps, bracelets, a watch and cool sunnies.

Cargo pants or shorts and a denim jacket  

The style of the late 90s and 2000s is back, and one of the best looks to recreate this summer is your V-neck with cargo pants and shorts

This outfit is simple and perfect for your days off spent in town hanging with buddies. Wear classic grey or yellow bottoms and blue or black jackets, and rotate your V-neck colours based on your preferences. 

Sneakers, Birkenstocks or espadrilles are excellent footwear choices.

Before we go

Your V-neck depth should be maximum 4 inches. More than that, and you’re in dangerous territory. Make sure your tee fits you well, is too wide, not too tight, and the neckline is not stretched out. 

Lastly, you should never tuck in your V-neck. Just trust us on this one!