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The Summer Staples Every Man Needs

Mens summer fashion staples
Mens summer fashion staples every guy needs to have in his wardrobe. Image via YouTube.
mens summer fashion staples
Mens summer fashion staples every guy needs to have in his wardrobe

Summer Fashion Staples Every man needs to have in his wardrobe: from tees, jeans, button down shirt, shorts, summer sneakers and blazer. 

An efficient way to fill your wardrobe with style – and without breaking the bank – is to focus on staples. Sometimes referred to as a capsule wardrobe, the idea that you can choose essential items to mix and match while looking good is sustainable and affordable.

Choosing the right summer staples is all about knowing your style, the image you want, and the different functions that your clothing needs to perform, so you can go from the beach to a summer wedding using these essential staples. 

Let’s take a look at some of the choices you can make to look good for the whole summer. 

The White Tee

A crisp white T-shirt is a versatile option that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Cotton is a great choice for material because it is breathable and lightweight, so you can keep your cool. 

You can choose the right neckline to suit you – the typical round neck is a great choice, but you might want to add some detail with a subtle V-neck or go daring with a scoop neck. 

The tee needs to fit you well – not too big, or too tight – and when you find the perfect version, buy at least two. This will help you keep that brightness throughout the whole summer.

The Button-Down Shirt

It’s summer, so for a slightly more formal occasion you should have a short-sleeved button-down shirt to hand. 

You can wear a button-down with slacks, shorts, jeans, or chinos – a versatile choice that can reflect your personality. You can choose cotton or linen for this shirt; both are light and naturally breathable. 

For an eye-catching look, go for a floral pattern and wear with plain pants or shorts.

The Jeans

A great fitting, tailored style of jeans is a wardrobe essential for every season.

Look for a pair of jeans that are comfortable and easy to wear so that you feel confident in them, and then you can style them in whatever way you like. 

If you want to go for a classy summer jean look, then try wearing white, slim-fitting jeans – paired with a button-down or even just a tee, white jeans ooze effortless cool. 

mens summer fashion staples
Mens summer fashion staples: shorts.

The Shorts

No summer is complete without a pair of shorts, and there are so many different styles to choose from will be spoiled for choice!

You can choose a tailored pair of chino shorts for a smart casual look that can be paired with a button down or a tee and layered with a blazer. Keep to light colors for the best results. 

Jorts (jean shorts) are a casual look that is most suited to wearing with a tee and sneakers.

Of course, you could go uber casual with basketball shorts, or emulate catwalk style with swim shorts and an unbuttoned linen shirt. 

The Blazer

Summer weight blazers can add a more formal dimension to almost any outfit without adding too much warmth. 

Choose a blazer in linen or cotton, focusing on pastel or light colors like gray, heather, or even a dusky pink. 

You can wear your blazer over your floral button-down and chinos, or even with a tee and jeans. Summer weddings are simple to dress for using a light blazer. 

The Shoes

Summer sneakers should be slip on or white, specifically bright white. Keep them simple to make them a feature of your effortless wardrobe. 

Loafers or boat shoes should be a go-to option for a summer party or something a bit more formal; just make sure you are wearing ‘no-show’ socks to prevent sweaty feet cramping your style. 

Your Wardrobe – Your Style

An essential consideration in creating a capsule wardrobe is ensuring that everything you have matches and can be worn together with no clashes. 

When you are creating yours, consider your personal style so you can feel comfortable and confident every summer day