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What is the right necklace length for you?

choosing the right necklace length
A Guide to choosing the right necklace length for men and women. Image via Pixabay.
choosing the right necklace length
A Guide to choosing the right necklace length for men and women. Image via Pixabay.

A Guide to choosing the right necklace length for men and women: Paying attention to neck size, height and most importantly face shape. 

Necklace elevates even the dullest outfits and adds a great finishing touch to the overall personality. While buying a neckpiece is exciting, one should never rush into the purchase. 

Are you wondering about the appropriate necklace length? This handy guide will assist you in selecting the correct size of the chain that frames your face while accentuating your best features. 

A Guide To The Standard Necklace Length For Women

Necklaces are always available in even-inch lengths. Here’s the chart to determine where each necklace length falls on a woman’s body. 

  • 14” Necklace: Fits like a choker and snugs closely around the neck.
  • 16” Necklace: Falls around the base of the neck and hangs loosely. It might sit more like a choker on plus-size women. 
  • 18” Necklace: It sits elegantly on the collarbone. This necklace length is popular for adding pendants. 
  • 20” Necklace: It falls just below the collarbone and offers a little more breathing room. This length is ideal for a low, plunging neckline.
  • 22” Necklace: It falls at or above the low neckline. 
  • 24” Necklace: This length falls below all necklines.
  • 36” Necklace: It hangs below the bosom and is pretty standard with pearl strands. You can either wear pearls as a single strand or double it for an 18” necklace. 

A Guide To Men’s Standard Necklace Sizes

Follow is the chart to understand where different chain lengths fall on an average-sized male. 

  • 18” Chain: It sits at the base of the neck, above the crew neck tee. The length is excellent for beaded designs 
  • 20” Chain: This length falls right at the collarbone, making it the most common choice among men. It is an ideal length to add pendants and can be styled with an unbuttoned shirt or a low V-neck. 
  • 22” Chain: It falls a few inches below the collar bone and offers excellent breathing room. 
  • 24” Chain: It falls just above the sternum. Since this length is extra-long, it is commonly used to keep religious or meaningful pendants closer to the heart. 

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length?

Here’s the guide to choosing the right necklace length that complements your ensemble. 

  • Neck Size:

Determine the neck size before purchasing a necklace, especially a choker. Take a measuring tape and enclose it closely around the neck. Add two inches to the neck measurement, and that’s the ideal length for chokers. If you are looking forward to buying pendant necklaces, find the appropriate length by adding 4 inches to the neck measurement. 

  • Height

A woman below 5’4” should opt for 16 to 20inches necklace lengths to flatter their body type. If your height falls between 5’4” and 5’7”, you can wear a necklace of any length. While taller women can also choose chains of any size, the long-chain style looks best and accentuates their tall body frame. 

  • Face Shape

Women with round faces should avoid chokers or short necklaces as these neckpieces reflect the roundness of the face. Those with oval-shaped faces can wear any necklace of almost all shapes, lengths, and types. Long-faced women should go for chokers to broaden their face shape