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Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Wrist Watch for Any Occasion

Picking the Perfect Wrist Watch
Picking the Perfect Wrist Watch. Pictured, Bell & Ross celebrates 10 Years of BR01 – The Square Watch.
Picking the Perfect Wrist Watch
Picking the Perfect Wrist Watch. Pictured, Audemars Piguet royal oak jumbo extra-thin watch.

How to Pick the Perfect Wrist Watch for Any Occasion Guide: Selecting the right accessory time piece about the event or occasion you plan to attend or participate in. 

Some people are always invited to occasions, and they often wonder and ponder over what to wear. Questions do arise from which accessories will rightly blend into others to avoid a fashion conflict and discomfort. These accessories often are used as a result of the mood or circumstance. They often reflect one’s position and places it in the hierarchy of work and organizations. Some occasions call for different accessories. 

A particular accessory that is used for solemn occasions like funerals will likely not be the same that will be used for parties.  If you are wondering how to pick a suitable wristwatch for any occasion, here are some tips that might help.

  1. Know the Event or Occasion

One of the things that people who wear watches would always agree on is that watches need to show style. But while choosing the watch to wear you should consider the occasion. Not all events call for luxury watches like the Audemars Piguet watch or a Patek. It is advised that one wears a watch that will match the cloth to be worn. If you are heading for a sports game or perhaps hiking, a smartwatch is the best one to go with. One has to choose a smartwatch because most of them have a wellness tracker, alert/alarm, and waterproof feature.

The reason for this is that in sports events, officials work effectively because they have water-resistant watches. Moisture and rain are bad for watches, and they affect their functionality. The water-resistance of a sports watch is usually indicated at the back of the wristwatch. A sports watch that is water and moisture resistant increases an athlete’s performance and confidence. It can help an athlete to set a timer without having concerns about a possible timepiece breakdown. A water-resistant sports watch should have wonderful characteristics like a heart rate monitor, and for swimmers, they should have a thermometer and tide indicator. Athletes would always want to stay atop the game. This feature is an indispensable one for them. Those in water sports can check their time underwater and ascertain when it is time for high or low tide. So anyone who is participating or going to a sports game needs smartwatches instead of a luxury watch.

  2. Check Your budget

One of the best things people do is always check the budget they have before exercising their purchasing rights. It should also be the same case for wristwatches. AnY wristwatch you choose is highly determined by your already existing budget. If you are participating in strenuous outdoor activity, you do not need a cheap watch for they are not as durable and reliable as the expensive and luxurious ones. 

Picking the Perfect Wrist Watch
Picking the Perfect Wrist Watch. Pictured, Bell & Ross celebrates 10 Years of BR01 – The Square Watch.

People love good watches and can spend a good amount of money just to get one. Good watches help in building a man’s confidence by adding a lot to their character and personality. There are good watches that are worth your money. There should always be value for money when we spend money on things we admire, want, and need. 

  3. Pick an Appropriate Style

To be at an occasion, you need to find out what the organizers want and how you fit in. You don’t need to go to a party looking all different from an agreed and approved dress code for all guests or attendees. Any watch should reflect your style and taste. Give people something to talk about. Your wristwatch can even make headlines when you use it to complement anything you wear.

Most people choose something a bit minimal and classic. Just focus on making sure it goes with the type of outfits you wear every day and choosing a neutral color. Wrist Watch straps are usually replaceable, and you can go for suede, leather strap, or metallic chain. Wristwatches are visually accompanied by a  good range of bracelets and straps.

  4. Choose the Right Brand

Another way of picking a suitable wristwatch for an occasion is by identifying which watch brand and the kind of watch you are interested in. Swiss-made luxury watches are usually preferred on events that are formal and have a business setting. One of the best ways of doing that is by going to their official website or certified reseller and checking out for yourself which wristwatches you prefer and their suggestions on how to pair them with whatever you are wearing.


When you are done finding and deciding which wristwatch brand you want to use, make suitable arrangements to send it to you. If you are ordering them online, make sure they are legitimate. You would have to place an order earlier for you to be able to receive them on time. There are different types of watches in the market. You should make your choice depending on the occasion you intend to attend.