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Las Vegas woman arrested drugging man, stealing $40K Rolex watch & $400

Ashley Trahan Las Vegas
Pictured, Ashley Trahan Las Vegas woman.
Ashley Trahan Las Vegas
Pictured, Ashley Trahan Las Vegas woman.

Ashley Trahan Las Vegas woman arrested drugging man, stealing $40K Rolex watch & $400. Arrested for grand larceny. Arrest mirrors that of other similar thefts involving other men at casinos. 

In a string of episodes involving men being drugged and robbed by women they have met at Las Vegas casinos, another man has told of allegedly being drugged by a woman he met at a gambling house, who went on to steal a $40K Rolex watch and $400 cash.

Ashley Trahan, 33, was arrested in connection with the latest alleged robbery.

The bust comes just weeks after three other men told of being hustled in a similar manner by 23 year old woman, Windy Rose Jones

Jones taken into custody last month, accused of drugging three men and robbing them in Sin City casinos between February and April. Police have not suggested any link between the two women. 

The latest victim claims he had been enjoying drinks with Trahan, only to later wake up to find his valuables had gone.

Ashley Trahan Las Vegas
Pictured, Windy Rose Jones Las Vegas. Arrested in similar fashion to that of Ashley Trahan. Image via police bookings.

Similar rouse

According to a police report, the man said he had been gambling at the Lift bar at the Aria Resort and Casino at 3am on March 29 when he met a woman who said her name was ‘Kayla’. 

He said after they had chatted bout the video gambling machine he was playing and went to the bathroom, leaving his drink behind. 

‘When (he) returned, he stated he felt very weird and had a hard time walking and believed he had been drugged,’ the police report, obtained by the Las Vegas Review Journal, said.

Police say Trahan escorted the incapacitated man, who has not been identified, back to his room at the Aria.

When he woke the next morning, he realized the $40,000 Rolex watch he’d been wearing was missing, as was $400 cash and a $183 casino ticket according to KTNV.

He told police there’d been ‘no talk of prostitution or trading sexual favors for money’ with the woman.

Trahan was arrested by Las Vegas police last week after she was spotted speeding in a school zone in the Southern Highlands community. 

She had outstanding warrants for attempted murder and attempted robbery relating to a separate case.

Trahan initially denied being ‘Kayla’, but after police showed her surveillance footage the woman conceded she had been at the Aria on March 29,

She said he was a lawyer, and had given her a business card the dailymail reports.

She went on to claim that the man was on drugs on the night, and that she hadn’t administered them.

She also claimed to have had a room at the Aria, where rooms cost anywhere from $150 to $600, but police confirmed that was not the case.

Trahan was booked on suspicion of committing grand larceny of valuables worth more than $25,000 at the Clark County Detention Center last week.

She’s been released from custody and has not yet been charged.