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Bloomington triple shooting: Man shoots wife dead cause he wasn’t getting enough sex, shoots sisters next door

Jason Michael Mesich
Bloomington triple shooting. Pictured, Jason Michael Mesich, with wife, and
Jason Michael Mesich
Bloomington triple shooting. Pictured, Jason Michael Mesich, with wife, Angela Lynn and sisters, Canisha and Makayla Saulter.

Bloomington triple shooting. Jason Michael Mesich Minneapolis man shoots wife, Angela Lynn dead, then shoots neighbors, sisters, Canisha and Makayla Saulter, leaving them in serious condition.

A Minnesota man has been arrested after shooting dead his wife, dumping her body in their garage then opening fire on two sisters next door, wounding one as the sibling shielded her 18-month-old niece from the gunfire. 

Jason Michael Mesich killed his wife Angela Lynn then put her body in the garage of their home in Bloomington, Minneapolis at 11pm on Sunday. 

According to police, the husband was complaining about not having enough sex. He then opened fire on neighbors Canisha and Makayla Saulter, who were loading up a U-Haul van with other members of their family. 

Makayla, 12, was holding 29-year-old Canisha’s 18-month-old daughter at the time. 

She shielded the girl from the gunfire but was shot in the head and is now in the hospital in critical condition. 

Jason Michael Mesich
Jason Michael Mesich with wife, Angela.

‘Didn’t remember….- probably killed wife’

Canisha was shot multiple times from the waist down. She is in the hospital in a serious but stable condition. The other members of their family drove them to the hospital and called police on Mesich.

When authorities arrived, they engaged in a standoff with the man. Investigators said the suspect fired 40 shots before being arrested minnesota.cbs.local reports.

Mesich told police that he ‘didn’t remember’ much of what had happened and that he ‘probably’ killed his wife after they had been arguing in the garage of their home. He then went to retrieve a weapon from inside the house and returned.

When he got back, he said his wife hit him. He punched her in the collar bone, he said, then she ‘told him’ to shoot her so he did. 

‘I’m assuming that I did shoot her,’ Mesich told investigators, adding that he ‘probably emptied it,’ stating that if he wanted to kill someone, he would want to empty the magazine.

When asked why he’d shot the girls next door, the man responded he ‘hates all children’ and that they ‘weren’t good neighbors’. Plus, Mesich told police he thought the neighbors may have witnesses his wife’s shooting.

Mesich now faces one count second degree murder charge along with two 2nd-degree attempted murder charges.

Makayla Saulter
Pictured, Makayla Saulter with 18-month-old niece Winter who was gunned down by Jason Michael Mesich.

Makayla hailed a hero for protecting 18 month old niece

The Saulter family say 12-year-old Makayla is a ‘hero’ for protecting her niece, Winter, from the hail of bullets. 

Her family is now raising money for her medical care on GoFundMe page. As of Wednesday night, the fundraiser raised $54,000 of a $50,000 target.  

Read the description: ‘She was shot somewhere in the back of the head. During a CT Scan they found her skull had been fractured, and have removed a piece of her skull to allow room for it to swell. 

‘She is currently on a respirator, with a tube near her forehead to allow the blood to drain. 

‘It is unknown how long she will be in the hospital or if she will ever fully recover. The doctors predict she will have a long road to recovery. 

‘She will be in the hospital for at least 2-3 months with the piece of her skull removed, then even longer once it is put back in place, then she will be going to Gillette Children’s Hospital after that.’  

Mesich is currently in the Hennepin County Jail, and could face up to 80 years in prison if convicted. Bail was set at $1 million, with the man’s first court appearance scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.