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Pack of Karens accuse Costa Mesa grocery store of war crimes for denying entry without face masks

Mother's Market & Kitchen anti face mask activists protest
Mother's Market & Kitchen anti face mask activists protest. Pictured demonstrator at the
Mother's Market & Kitchen anti face mask activists protest
Mother’s Market & Kitchen anti face mask activists protest. Pictured demonstrator at the Costa Mesa, California store.

Mother’s Market & Kitchen anti mask activists protest Costa Mesa, Orange County store. Planned protest organized by Lenka Koloma, Leigh Dundas & Morton Irvine Smith-two women arrested. 

A group of women have been dubbed ‘a wild pack of Karens’ after staging an anti-mask rally outside an Orange County, California supermarket amid the ongoing coronavirus

Video shared to social media on Saturday, August 15, shows the small group of anti masker activists outside Mother’s Market & Kitchen in Costa Mesa, Ca. after managers locked the doors to the store in order to keep them out. 

The planned protest according to social media was coordinated by Lenka Koloma – founder of ‘Freedom to Breathe Agency’ – who has had previous run ins along with Scientology Lawyer, Leigh Dundas & Morton Irvine Smith (of the Irvine family).

The women became enraged after being told they would not be able shop without wearing face masks, with one even accusing Mother’s Market of committing ‘war crimes’. 

While another responded on Twitter, ‘I don’t get why they tried to come in to a store (knowing they’re supposed to wear a mask) and get mad because because you can’t go in… they probably forced their way in so… LOCK THEM UP!!!’

What country am I in?

The video begins with one woman standing at the closed doors of the store as she complains: ‘I don’t know what country I’m in. I thought I was in the United States!’

Another woman says the incident is ‘worse than communism’.  

Several other anti-mask demonstrators can be seen in the background waving American flags, while one woman brandishes a sign that says mask-wearing is ‘child abuse’. 

A voice narrating the video states: ‘They [managers] have locked their doors. They are keeping customers hostage inside their store.’

‘People are being denied access to food!’ she then declares. 

‘And water!’ another demonstrator can be heard chiming in. 

‘The citizens of United States are being denied access to food. This is a war crime! This is crimes against humanity happening right now at Mother’s Market & Kitchen in Costa Mesa!’ the voice over continues. 

Constitutional rights to freedoms vs public safety amid a pandemic

The video ends with police arriving on the scene. Cops are thought to have been called by the store managers after the group refused to leave the outside of the supermarket. 

The Orange County Register reports that two women were subsequently arrested on suspicion of trespassing.  

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many stores have mandated that customers wear a mask prior to entry. Experts say face coverings can significantly reduce the spread of the contagious virus, particularly in areas where people are unable to remain six feet apart. 

Responded a social media commentator after the video going viral on Twitter: ‘How do people like that think that their rights override the store’s rights? The store have the right to set their own rules.’ 

While another posted, ‘In what universe is it OK to lock people up on a store and arrest them for not wearing a mask? I hope they all sue this company into oblivion.’

The anti-mask demonstration outside the Mother’s Market & Kitchen comes as California this weekend surpassed 628,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19