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Coordinated plan? Catskill woman who threw Molotov cocktail at cop van blames 3 black strangers

Tim Amerman Saugerties
Pictured, Tim Amerman Saugerties, upstate NY man. Image via social media.
Samantha Shader Catskill
Pictured, Samantha Shader Catskill upstate NY woman.

Did Samantha Shader Catskill upstate NY woman conspire with Tim Amerman Saugerties, NY man to exact terrorism? Woman with alleged ties to Antifa insists molotov cocktails were given to her by 3 black protesters. 

A white upstate NY woman accused of hurling a Molotov cocktail at a police van during recent BLM protests in Brooklyn has claimed a trio of ‘black’ strangers who ‘made her do it’, according to new court papers. The assertion contradicts authorities’ allegations that a recently arrested Saugerties, NY man supplying the ‘activist’ with the incendiary devices.  

The claims come despite investigators saying Samantha Shader, 27, of the Catskills, driving to Brooklyn’s Crown Heights with her younger sister, Darian, 21, in a car already loaded with empty glass bottles, including the Bulleit whiskey bottle she is charged with throwing at the van on May 30.

Devices allegedly supplied to her by newly accused accomplice, Tim Amerman, 29, a painter and guitar player who was arrested earlier this week.

‘I found a few more glass bottles Than I thought I had, Though still not many,’ the Saugerties man wrote to the Shader sisters in a note found in their car, the feds say in the complaint against him unsealed Saturday in court papers.

‘Wish I had more,’ he wrote. ‘BE SAFE Please. Really[.] Good Luck, – Love Tim.’

Only acted after being approached by 3 black protesters? 

Captured on video flinging the devices, Shader upon her arrest admitted to throwing the Molotov cocktail. Shader now claims only partaking in the ’terrorist’ act after ‘she was approached on the street and given ‘the bottle’ by a black male, who was in a group with one other black male and a black woman,’ according to filed papers.

She even described the trio, saying the man who handed her the bottle was a ‘thicker guy’ with hair in ‘skinny dreads’ of different colors, the papers say cited by the nypost.

The other man was smaller and wore a hat, and the woman was thin with ‘poofy’ hair in a ponytail, Shader allegedly claimed.

‘Shader stated that the man who handed her the bottle told her that they were going to prove a point, and [Shader] stated she felt important at the time she took the bottle because she was the only white person in the area,’ the papers say.

The flung bottle shattered the parked van’s rear two windows but failed to ignite because Shader had used toilet paper instead of a rag as a fuse, prosecutors have alleged.

During Amerman’s arrest, investigators cited fingerprints being on the note found in his friend, Shader’s possession, with the man allegedly admitting it was his note, according to feds. 

Both friends had previously posted anti-cop memes and insults on Facebook, the feds added.

Tim Amerman Saugerties
Pictured, Tim Amerman Saugerties, upstate NY man. Image via social media.
Tim Amerman Saugerties
Tim Amerman Saugerties Facebook page.

Did two friends conspire to cause mayhem? 

Shader has posted that ‘Black people should be allowed to burn down the country they built for Free.’ On May 27, Amerman posted ‘Riots DO work,’ and called cops ‘Tax collectors with guns. Wife beaters. Murderers.’

Then, the night his whiskey bottle was allegedly tossed at the NYPD van, he boasted to another Facebook user that he’d contemplated joining in a ‘ride to NYC to get saucy.’

Instead, ‘I kitted out some others,’ he allegedly wrote.

Amerman is being held in Albany before being brought to Brooklyn to face charges of conspiracy to commit civil disorder for which he was charged in a federal complaint this week. If found guilty, he faces 10 years in jail.

Come Sunday, a GoFundme on behalf of Amerman was created by Katie Cronin.

Read the Gofundme fundraiser in part, ‘Though Tim was not in Brooklyn during the attack, in which no one was injured, he is facing up to ten years in prison for allegedly giving gas money to Sam and allowing her to take glass bottles from his recycling bin, one of which was allegedly used to create the Molotov cocktail. Any funds raised here will go directly to Tim and his family to help cover legal fees in relation to the arrest.’

Samantha Shader Catskill
Samantha Shader Catskill, NY woman. Image via Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center.

Antifa agitator? Shader arrested 11 times in 11 states

Posted David Becker on Amerman’s Facebook page: ‘Tim is a good man who deserves to be treated fairly and presumed innocent until proven guilty. He’s a man of his word and I believe him. I’ve known Tim for more than 10 years and he’s been nothing but kind, loving, creative, and helpful from day one. I’m not interested in debating this so please don’t leave disrespectful comments I will just delete them.’ 

It remained unclear if Amerman was aware of what Shader’s intentions were and why for that matter he gave Shader the devices, especially in lieu of the discovered note which he wished Shader good luck as she headed out to Brooklyn later that evening, ‘on her mission.’  

The fund as of Sunday night had raised $1,848 of a $250,000 goal. 

Social media has suggested Shader acting in concert with Antifa – a political protest movement comprising autonomous groups affiliated by their militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology and open use of violence and terrorism to exact their aims. The 27 year old is alleged to have participated in previous protests which had turned violent. 

Of note, prosecutors claim Shader having been previously arrested 11 times in 11 states. She was reportedly convicted in three of those incidents according to NBC News.

Shader who had already been charged with four counts of attempted murder, as well as attempted arson, assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon along with using an improvised incendiary device to damage or destroy a NYPD vehicle, faces life behind bars.