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Braintree nurse shot dead by ex neighbor she had long running feud with

Laurie Melchionda
Pictured, Laurie Melchionda Braintree nurse who was shot dead at her home.
Laurie Melchionda
Pictured, Laurie Melchionda Braintree nurse who was shot dead at her home.

Laurie Melchionda Braintree Massachusetts nurse shot dead by Robert Bonang a former neighbor who moved out six years ago. Shooting result of long standing feud. 

A Boston area nurse was fatally shot Wednesday in the entrance of her Braintree home by her former neighbor whom she had a long-running feud with before he moved, authorities said. 

Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey told reporters that Laurie Melchionda was shot just before 11.44am. 

Police responding to the residence found her old neighbor Robert Bonang, 61, near the front entrance.  

Melchionda was found nearby suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. She was rushed to South Shore Hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later.  

Bonang, who hasn’t lived in the neighborhood for six years, was taken into custody. 

According to CBS, Bonang was dressed as a delivery person at the time of the shooting and was wearing a ‘brown-type color uniform’. 

Morrissey said Bonang used to live in the neighborhood, but he now lives in Marshfield.

‘They are people who are known to each other,’ Morrissey said during an afternoon press conference.

‘She’s well known in town. She’s been active in town in the board of health. She’s a well-respected nurse. She’s extremely well-thought of in town,’ Morrissey added.

Laurie Melchionda Braintree nurse
Laurie Melchionda Braintree nurse pictured with her husband. Image via Facebook.

According to a 2018 Wicked Local story, Melchionda worked in the Braintree school system for over 20 years before being hired in Weston. She was also a former staff nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Morrissey said police had responded to ‘a number of general neighborhood complaints’ involving the suspect in the past, one of which he said might have been for a domestic incident.

Authorities said they believe Melchionda, who worked as the Director of Health Services for Weston Public Schools, was targeted.   

Laurie Melchionda shot dead by Robert Bonang
Laurie Melchionda Braintee nurse shot dead by former neighbor, Robert Bonang (pictured).

Targeted shooting

‘It is believed that this is a targeted event, it’s not a random act and this is not something that the neighbors should have to worry about,’ Morrissey said. 

Morrissey said Melchionda and Bonang had prior disagreements when he lived in the neighborhood, but he did not provide any additional details.  

It remained unclear whether the former neighbors had continued to communicate upon Bonang, moving out from the neighborhood six circa 2014- and if not, how the man came to continue holding a grudge against his victim. 

Melchionda had worked as a nurse for over 30 years, according to a statement from Midge Connolly, superintendent of Weston Public Schools. She most recently served as the district’s Director of Health Services and Field School Nurse. She also was the clerk for the Braintree Board of Health.

‘She’s extremely well thought of in town,’ Morrissey said.

Melchionda worked for the Weston schools since 2018, according to Connolly’s statement.

Authorities have not said what exactly led to the shooting. The investigation is ongoing.