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Central Park Karen stalked love interest called cops on him (twice) when he rejected her

Amy Cooper Central Park
Pictured, Amy Cooper Central Park woman. Image via social media.
Amy Cooper Central Park
Pictured, Amy Cooper Central Park woman. Image via social media.

Amy Cooper love interest Martin Priest alleges Franklin Templeton VP who falsely called cops on a black man having called police on him as well as suing him for $65K.  

When your foibles become a tabloid wet dream ….

And it continues. The white dog-walker, who called 911 on a black man when he asked her to leash her dog in Central Park, falsely accusing him of threatening her, and becoming a national eye-sore — allegedly stalked a former love interest and chided him for voting for President Barack Obama, according to a report.

Martin Priest, a former friend of Cooper who’s known her since 2003, claimed when he told her he voted for Obama, the first black president, condemning his decision, saying she couldn’t ‘believe’ it, reports the nypost.

Priest claimed the Franklin Templeton asset manager developed romantic feelings for him and began ‘stalking’ and ‘harassing’ him when they went unrequited, leading him to report her to the police twice, once in New Jersey and once in New York City. Reports were made in both jurisdictions.

‘The longer I avoided her, the angrier she got,’ Priest alleges.

To date Amy Cooper has declined media overtures to comment on the allegations.

And it continues.

Cooper eventually filed a lawsuit, which has since been dismissed, against Priest in 2015 alleging he was an ex-boyfriend who bilked her out of $65,000 after an alleged torrid love affair with her and two other women. 

Priest claims the allegations were a complete fabrication, and that his relationship with Cooper was never more than platonic and the lawsuit was a retaliatory fantasy fabricated by her to get back at him for not returning her affections. 

‘It caused me to lose my job, it was a difficult situation and unjustly alienated me from friends and family,’ Priest said.

Priest’s Garden City attorney Christopher Bechtle, who represented him when Cooper sued, called Cooper’s allegations ‘bizarre and wildly untrue.’

Kids, is it me- but do you see a familiar patter of behavior and chain of events? But there’s more.

Central Park investment banker Karen tried to have doorman fired, best friends w/ wife of man she tried to sue

Amy Cooper Central Park
Pictured, Amy Cooper Central Park woman.

Just a perennial victim? 

In February 2013, Priest called the Ridgewood Police Department to report Cooper for harassment but did not end up signing the complaint, according to records and Priest. No arrests or charges were filed, police said. 

The NYPD confirmed there was another police report Priest filed against Cooper for harassment on June 8, 2014, after she allegedly came to his home, repeatedly rang the doorbell and asked to enter the location, and sent a series of text messages, the NYPD told The Post. 

Police said no arrests or charges were filed. 

Priest characterized his former friendship with Cooper as a never-ending ‘cycle of drama.’

When Priest saw Cooper in the now-viral video showing her threatening to call the police on Christian Cooper (no relation), he said, he wasn’t surprised. 

‘I feel very badly for Mr. Cooper,’ Priest said.

‘I was not shocked in the least the speed with which she jumped all over the victim card to put [Christian Cooper] in the maximum amount of danger, it was just an instinct to her.’  

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