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Central Park investment banker Karen tried to have doorman fired, best friends w/ wife of man she tried to sue

Amy Cooper doorman
Amy Cooper doorman misadventure. Pictured, Central Park Karen.
Amy Cooper doorman
Amy Cooper doorman misadventure. Pictured, Central Park Karen.

Amy Cooper tried to have UWS doorman fired. New revelations surrounding the privileged life of a former investment banker continue to surface weeks after Central Park Karen incident.

And the gossip continues.

The white woman dubbed Central Park Karen for calling 911 on a black bird watcher once tried to have her doorman fired and now goes on vacation with the ex-wife of a man she claims to have had an affair with and previously sought to sue. 

Details of Amy Cooper‘s life continue to emerge weeks after she ignited a racial firestorm after footage of her encounter with birdwatcher Christian Cooper in New York’s Central Park went viral.

She was filmed falsely telling police that Cooper, who is not related to her, was threatening her life after he told her to leash her dog. The episode shocked the nation and led to wide discussions surrounding white privilege and ingrained racism in many facets of American society.  

Which brings us to the latest faux pas surrounding Central Park Karen aka Amy Cooper, this time courtesy of one of the woman’s neighbors at her Upper West Side building, who claims Cooper vowed to have their doorman fired following a confrontation last winter. 

The neighbor, Alison Faircloth, told the New York Times that she found Cooper on the ‘verge of tears’ after the doorman supposedly cursed at her for no reason.

Faircloth said she later asked the doorman about the confrontation and he said Cooper had complained about a broken elevator before forcing her way into a security booth and yelling at him.

The doorman told Faircloth that Cooper had to be removed by a security guard.

‘There’s always a narrative from her about someone who has done her wrong,’ she said.  

Aside from the confrontation with the doorman, other neighbors knew Cooper to be ‘combative’ with other dog walkers and staff at the building, the nytimes reported.

‘There was a sense of entitlement,’ Marisol De Leon told the Times, adding Cooper would often walk her dog, Henry, without a leash and would become angry when told not to.

And it continues.

Amy Cooper UWS woman
Pictured, Amy Cooper UWS woman aka Central Park Karen.

It has also since emerged that Cooper is now friends with and goes on vacation with the ex-wife of a man she claims she had an affair with, before filing a lawsuit against the man who ‘declined’ to act on alleged romantic overtures towards him. 

Cooper filed a lawsuit in 2015 against Martin Priest – a married man she worked with at Lehman Brothers between 2005 to 2008. 

In the lawsuit, Cooper said the pair were in a relationship and she had lent him $65,000 so he could divorce his wife and pay for another woman he was involved with to have an abortion

Her lawsuit claims that after she gave him the money she found out Priest’s wife Tianna was pregnant and that he was going to marry another woman who was also pregnant.  

Cooper filed the lawsuit to get back the $65,000. 

Priest denies having a relationship with Cooper but concedes having borrowed money from the former investment banker.

Cooper has since become friends with Priest’s now ex-wife Tianna.

The pair now go on vacations together and Tianna’s family credit Cooper for helping save her from a toxic marriage. 

Tianna’s father Tom Selby told the Times that Cooper was a hero and said of his ex-son-in-law: ‘Amy is just another one of his victims’.

Priest according to a nypost report told of being friends with Cooper for a number of years prior to her filing a lawsuit against him and distancing himself from her sometime in 2012 when she confessed to having romantic feelings for him that weren’t reciprocated. 

In the months that followed, Priest says he was routinely ‘harassed’ and ‘stalked’ by Cooper. 

He claims she would often leave him threatening texts and voicemails in which she menaced that she would hurt him, his family members and even herself if he continued to ignore her.  

Priest says he contacted police in Ridgewood, New Jersey, in February 2013 to report her for harassment.

‘She became increasingly abusive and unstable,’ Priest told the nypost. ‘I tried to get away from her as she became more outrageous and threatening with her demands.’ 

Cooper hasn’t commented or been seen publicly since she issued an apology last month to the black birdwatcher she accused of threatening her life in Central Park.

The incident led to her being fired from her $170K a year job at Franklin Templeton