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Online Lending: Is It Worth Using?

Online Lending Services
Online Lending Services: Are they right for you? Stock image.
Online Lending Services
Online Lending Services: Are they right for you? Stock image.

Online Lending Services vs Traditional bank loan? While the internet serves up fast convenient lines of credit, consumers need to do their homework and figure out what’s best for them.

To see the pros and cons of online loans, you need to understand their purpose. From classical bank credits, they are distinguished by the conditions of receipt and use. Same day loans that are issued over the Internet from brokers like Now loan have several advantages: their design requires a minimum of time, efforts, and movements.

So, the first call to the online lending service takes 8-10 minutes of user time – it is necessary to fill out a detailed application. With repeated calls, clearance time is reduced up to two minutes. Other pluses enable borrowers to choose reputable online loans while making it possible to solve financial difficulties.

1. Remote design and convenience.

To receive money, a user submits an application on the site, immediately reads the contract in electronic form, puts a mark in the column on acceptance of its terms, and the funds are transferred to the card automatically within 1-5 minutes.

2. Anonymity.

In such services, users take loans without informing third parties. The company receives all information about the solvency and reliability of the client from the borrower’s questionnaire and its own scoring (verification) system. Although many services accept only short online applications with several fields, they receive the rest of the customer data by calling back to the borrower, his relatives, and the employer.

3. Minimum requirements.

To receive money, it is enough to be an adult, to have the necessary documents and a bank card.

4. Transparency.

Online loan service sites have an electronic calculator. By moving its cursors, the user sees how the total amount payable on the maturity date changes. The service does not charge any additional fees: what the user sees on the calculator before sending the application is the full amount to be paid.

Online Lending Services
When should you consider reaching out to online lending services? Stock image.

When Online Loans are Suitable?

Online loans should be chosen for situations when you need money:

• in a small amount – up to $1,000;

• for a short period of 1-30 days;

• immediately – when the issue needs to be resolved within half an hour;

• without trips and meetings with the creditor;

• during non-working hours/day – for example, at night or the weekend.

Internet services help to close financial issues quickly and without unnecessary hassle. Banks can’t offer this, but they give large loans for longer periods. Their interest rate is also lower, but the requirements for borrowers are many times higher. Therefore, not everyone can take a loan from a bank, even if they provide all the necessary guarantees of their solvency.

Going to the Bank or Taking an Online Loan?

The answer depends on what kind of credit the borrower needs and under what conditions he/she is ready to apply for it. Online lending is more profitable to use for emergency needs. If money is urgently needed, it is better to arrange everything online and get a loan instantly. Also, in most Internet lending services, the first loan is issued at a rate that is close to zero.