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How to Dress Stylish to College

Dressing Stylish for College
Dressing Stylish for College while Keeping up your grades. Image via Unsplash.
Dressing Stylish for College
Dressing Stylish for College while Keeping up your grades. Image via Unsplash.

Dressing Stylish for College while Keeping up your grades: While most university students have to contend with finite budgets, creativity and putting into place good ideas will help you looking fashionable. 

College students are not known for their disposable income. Those degrees are certainly going to pay off one day, but as it stands, students have to watch their every penny. This makes high-fashion a luxury that can barely be given a second thought. But it is a complete misnomer that you need money to be stylish. 

A large bank balance may help in staying current when it comes to fashion. But current is not necessarily interchangeable with stylish. You can be stylish while getting that assignment writing done, without losing sleep over the cost of your new look. 

Quality over quantity

Fashion changes on a whim. Every season, a designer has a new idea that floods the market. It may seem outrageous at first, but sooner or later, even the most outlandish of outfits lands up at chain-stores. 

For people that religiously follow fashion trends, this means the need to purchase a wardrobe’s worth of clothing each and every season. As a college student on a budget, you cannot afford to be this person. Your thoughts need to be focused on how to write a report type assignment and not how you are going to afford that new ridiculous pair of shoes. 

Do not buy a lot of clothes. Spend your money on a few items of good quality clothing. By paying attention to cuts and material, you will land yourself an item of clothing that is timeless. Clothing that doesn’t need to be on a glossy magazine cover because it speaks for itself. 

Fear not the vintage store

New is always better. This is what the fashion industry wants you to believe. This is the very cornerstone of capitalism. This is not an absolute truth when it comes to clothes. 

People seem to shy away from the idea of going to a vintage clothing store or a thrift store. They seem to think that purchasing and wearing this clothing will make them seem poor. 

These people are shortsighted. They do not realize that there are gems in thrift stores. Get the idea out of your mind that all your clothing needs to be brand new.

Use your student discounts

When you do not have a massive amount of money to spend, you need to be smart about how you spend the little cash you have. When it comes to fashion and style, this means finding out where you can get a student discount and then making the most of it. 

The next time you are scouring the web in search of qualified assignment writers, do a quick scan for the local places offering student discounts. Doing this will not only get you affordable thesis, dissertation and term papers but also cool discount coupons. 

The chances are you will not be buying every item of clothing at these places, but a good wardrobe does need staples. This includes pants, t-shirts and even underwear.

Dressing Stylish for College
Dressing Stylish for College: Tomato Soup Indeed! Image via Unsplash.

Buy clothes that last

When you learn new skills at college, like how to write assignment in APA style, you learn them for life. This same attitude can be applied to how you buy clothes. 

No one is saying that you need to buy a jacket that you can wear for the next 30 years. But you need to at least think a couple of years into the future when you go clothes shopping. You need to ask yourself if the item of clothing can make it through a couple of seasons. 

Is it created in a style that is a fad, or is it actually stylish? What kind of material is it make out of? Durable materials like denim and leather are not only reliable as they are immutable in the fashion world. 

Can you build an outfit with the item?

You have just stumbled upon a stunning shirt. It is colorful and it is stylish. You just have to have it. At this point, you need to bring to mind the rest of your wardrobe. Does the shirt actually fit in with the rest of your clothing? 

If it does not, then it needs to go back on the hanger. When you buy clothes, you need to bear in mind how you are going to make it work with what you already have. 

Just like it is useless, knowing how to write an introduction for an assignment without knowing how to finish said assignment, a shirt that cannot be paired with anything else you own is equally useless. A good wardrobe in an interchangeable one. 

Looking after your clothes
Dressing Stylish for College also means knowing how to look after your clothes (so they last longer). Stock image.

Look after your clothes

How to write my university assignment may produce countless offers online. But you will not get the same response when looking for someone to look after your clothes. You are in college now. Your mom is not there to sew up rips and replace buttons. 

You need to care for our own clothes. If you do not have a blossoming seamstress in you, then you need to live by the saying that prevention is better than cure. 

By keeping your clothes in good condition, you will be taking the first step in ensuring that you are neat and presentable wherever you go. These are irreplaceable when it comes to having a stylish and sophisticated appearance. 

The bottom line

Fashionable does not imply stylish. A person can very easily follow the prevailing trends without having any real style. If you are going to develop a style that is not unreasonably expensive, then you must remember to be yourself. Learning how to dress yourself is as priceless as learning how to write a good assignment essay. 

Figure out what works for your body and personality and then stick to it. You can tweak things as you age and mature. But longevity and timelessness should be foremost in your mind when building your personal look in college. It is during this time that you figure out who you are and how you want the world to see you.