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Ready To Represent: 3 Tips For A Better Conference Or Trade Show

Trade show presenter
Becoming a better presenter at Trade Shows is about game and strategy. Screenshot.
Trade show presenter
Becoming a better Trade Show presenter is about game and strategy. Screenshot.

Be A Better Presenter: Strategies For Business Events. Making a pitch at trade shows is often about how to best promote your product and stand out. But how?

Presenting at a trade show or business conference can be anxiety-producing, even for those who have to do this regularly. Maybe it’s a fear of public speaking or concern about meeting specific professional goals, but whatever the issue, you too can become a confident presenter. These  strategies can help you take control of your nerves and master your content so that you can get the most out of every event.

Watch The Masters

Sometimes people feel nervous about presenting at business events because they don’t feel like they have a good sense of what’s expected of them. What are you supposed to talk about and, more importantly, how are you supposed to make your pitch? Overcome this anxiety by watching master presenters. Study TED Talks or other business presenters on YouTube. You can also talk to others in your field about the event and how they’ve approached presentations in the past to get a sense of what strategies are effective for connecting with your audience. Attending a presentation workshop for executives could also be a great way to prepare and significantly improve your skills.

Make The Most Of Materials

If you’re an anxious presenter, your materials are your best friend. They offer you support, providing a point of connection you can reference throughout the event. When going to a business event, then, be sure to make the most of your materials. If you’re giving a standard presentation, take time developing original and informative slides; they should have enough material that you can keep going if you forget what you were about to say, but not so much that they give away your whole point or that they’ll look cluttered.

Of course, if you’re attending a trade show, you’re not likely to be giving a standard presentation. You might run a PowerPoint on a screen at your booth, but that’s not the main point of your space. Rather, at these events, take care to develop a booth with varied elements – visual content, charts, videos, and even sound. Those different components will allow you to transition through your presentation and offer support for each of your selling points.

Better Presenter Trade Shows
Better Trade Show Presenter: learning how to effectively network at business conferences.

Know How To Network

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of your presentation when attending a business event, but it’s important to remember that your presentation is actually there to support a larger goal – networking. With that in mind, if you’re fumbling through a presentation, fall back on your interpersonal skills. Show enthusiasm about your brand and ask questions to your audience. 

At every event, you should try to build a meaningful connection with others that ties your product to their needs. You should also make sure that you collect the necessary information to follow up with them after the event. Collecting follow-up information, specifically detailed information that will allow you to provide targeted resources, will demonstrate that you’re serious about doing business with them down the line.

No one at the conference or trade show is focused on whether you forget what you’re saying or stumble over your words. They’re paying attention to your product, your originality, and your enthusiasm about what you do. If you’re proud of what you represent and prepared to follow-up after the event, you will meet your goals, even if you’re not a perfect presenter.