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Long Island math teacher fired over topless selfie to boyfriend sues school

Lauren Miranda
Pictured, former Long Island, NY math teacher, Lauren Miranda.
Lauren Miranda
Pictured, former Long Island, NY math teacher, Lauren Miranda.

Gender discrimination? Lauren Miranda a Long Island math teacher sues school after being fired after topless selfie to boyfriend surfacing. 

Was she unfairly fired? A Suffolk CountyLong Island middle school teacher fired over a topless selfie she’d previously sent to a boyfriend surfacing has launched a gender discrimination lawsuit claiming she was unfairly fired according to a new court filing.

Lauren Miranda, a 25-year-old former Bellport Middle School math teacher, was fired Wednesday after a student somehow obtained the image, according to her lawyer, John Ray.

Come Monday during a press conference, Ray said school officials wrongfully chastised Miranda over the image, which was sent to her then-partner, another teacher at a different school, before firing the woman for not being a proper school ‘role model.’

Miranda said the image was obtained without her consent — and that there was nothing inherently offensive about the image anyway.

‘It’s pure,’ she said of the image that shows her breasts. ‘I’m getting makeup in one hand, and I’m taking a picture in the other.’

Miranda said she had previously sent the photo to the former boyfriend and had no idea how the student got hold of it.

Miranda and Ray have since filed a notice of claim in the case as a precursor to a $3 million lawsuit the nypost reported.

Lauren Miranda Suffolk County math teacher: Defining what makes for a good role model?

‘Long ago, she sent her topless unremarkable selfie to her companion, never to anyone else,’ Ray said. ‘By unknown means, a student obtained it. The school district took possession of it, excoriated her, and fired her because her breasts were displayed.’

Miranda and her lawyer contend that a male teacher would not have been subjected to the same treatment in similar circumstances and that she wants her job back.

‘This would never have happened to a male teacher,’ Ray reiterated. ‘The Suffolk County Administrators and School Board have not yet discovered that women are equal to men. Lauren is rightly proud of her female torso. A woman’s breasts are not inherently prurient.’

Miranda claims wanting ‘to fight back’ in order to provide a strong example to her former students.

‘What kind of role model am I, to now roll over and hide?’ the ostracized teacher said. ‘I am showing my face and saying something happened to me that I didn’t want.’

It remained unclear how the student obtained the ‘offending’ image and whether the boy was reprimanded.

Citing pending litigation, district officials declined to comment.

Lauren Miranda
Pictured, Long Island math teacher, Lauren Miranda .

Lauren Miranda teacher firing: Moral dilemma.

Miranda’s firing led to a volley of responses on the web, with one social media user posting, ‘if it was a male teacher who’d shared his ‘private parts’ he’d also be fired, it’s not a man vs woman thing’.

Reflected another commentator on the web, ‘You can’t be a good role model if u allow a nude pic to be leaked. Stupid for texting it to her boyfriend.’

Which led to one individual responding, ‘…so Miranda should have come to the view that anything she does in private (she shared a private image with a former boyfriend) as a breach of being a good role model? Is she now accountable for the boyfriend passing on the photo to others ? Or should she have been aware that this was a likely occurrence ? And what educators do outside of school hours is fair game for being judged? Where does an employer draw the line of what a worker does outside of work hours being fair game for termination ….?’

Who leaked math teacher topless selfie photo? Victim of gender discrimination?

Lauren Miranda
Pictured, math teacher, Lauren Miranda.