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Why? Texas mom of three dies after large rock thrown from I-35 overpass hits car

Keila Ruby Flores
Pictured, Texas woman, Keila Ruby Flores.
Keila Ruby Flores
Pictured, Texas woman, Keila Ruby Flores.

Texas woman, Keila Ruby Flores killed after rock purposely thrown from I-35 overpass strikes her while sitting in the passenger seat as the woman and her three children and boyfriend were making their way. 

Texas mother of three has died after the car she was traveling in was struck by a large rock that was thrown from a railroad overpass. 

Keila Ruby Flores, 33, died Sunday morning after being severely injured when a large rock crashed through the windshield of the family car she was riding in down Interstate 35 in Temple, Texas, on Saturday night. 

Flores was in the front passenger seat of the car while her three children were sitting in the backseat. Her boyfriend, Christopher Rodriguez, was driving the car. 

Police said in a media alert that they received a 911 call at about 8.40pm Saturday stating that a large rock was thrown from the railroad track overpass and that it hit the family car, resulting in significant injuries to Flores.    

Rodriguez told KWTX that the family was heading back to Waco, Texas, when ‘all of sudden, something just strikes the window.’

He added that ‘an explosion just comes right through the window. I didn’t know what it was.’ 

When he looked over at Flores, Rodriguez said that she was unresponsive and that he shook her, trying to wake her up. 

He then pulled over to the nearest exit and called 911. A Good Samaritan stopped to help the family as they performed CPR on Flores. 

Flores was then transported to the hospital by first responders, where she died from her injuries the next morning. 

Reiterated the boyfriend, ‘She was a good woman. A good mom. A good friend. And now, that’s all taken away because somebody in this cruel world wanted to take an innocent life.’

Keila Ruby Flores
Texas woman, Keila Ruby Flores pictured with her boyfriend, Christopher Rodriguez.

Keila Ruby Flores I-35 death: No suspects.

Authorities have ordered an autopsy to determine the exact cause of Flores’ death and are investigating the incident. 

There are no suspects at the moment. Not immediately understood is what motive the individual(s) responsible for the thrown rock may have had- given the very high likely that such an act could lead to significant danger and or even death to motorists below.

Police are asking that anyone with information about Flores case call the Temple Police Department at (254) 298-5500 or submit tips through Bell County Crime Stoppers at BellCountyCrimeStoppers.com.    

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Keila Ruby Flores
The large rock was thrown from a railroad overpass, like this one, on Interstate 35 in Texas that killed Keila Ruby Flores