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Search of missing Colorado mom’s fiance home turns up no leads as $25K reward is offered

Kelsey Berreth missing
Kelsey Berreth missing
Kelsey Berreth missing
Kelsey Berreth missing. Pictured the home and property of the missing Colorado woman’s fiance (Patrick Frazee) as investigators continue search.

Kelsey Berreth missing: No new leads after investigators conduct two day search on home and property of missing Colorado woman’s fiance’s home with $25K reward now offered.

A search of a missing Colorado woman’s fiancé’s home and 35 acre property has led to investigators finding no trace of a 29 year old mother who was last seen at a grocery store on Thanksgiving day with her one year old daughter.

Investigators on Sunday completed a two day search on Kelsey Berreth’s fiancé’s Florissant home with investigators turning up no new leads.

The search comes after Patrick Frazee, the father of Berreth’s baby and her fiancé was believed to be the last person to have seen the Woodland Park local who inexplicably vanished on November 22.

For reasons not immediately clear, Frazee declined calling police to report his flight instructor fiance- who lived at a separate address- missing. It wasn’t until three days later, November 25 that co-workers got a text message from Kelsey’s phone saying she would not be coming to work the following week. Frazee told police receiving a similar message on the same day. 

That same day, Kelsey’s cellphone signal pinged 700 miles from where she vanished in GoodingIdaho. However it was not until December 2, ten days later- that police searched Berreth’s home after her mother reported her missing

A search of the missing woman’s home led to investigators saying the only thing missing was the mother’s purse.

Found at the flight instructor’s residence was her makeup kit, suitcases, while her car remained at home. 

Kelsey Berreth missing: Investigators search fiance’s home and property. 

With questions as to any possible complicity involving Kelsey’s fiance, investigators launched a two day search of the man’s home and property- with no new leads being produced.

Told a statement from the Woodland Park Police on Sunday: ‘There were approximately 75 people involved in yesterday’s search. The search is complete and the property has been handed back over to the homeowner. A backhoe was brought in to assist with the search as we continue to be as thorough as possible. We still have not found Kelsey. Investigators continue to conduct interviews and this case remains our number one priority.’ 

As police searched Frazee’s property with diggers and K9 search dogs, they insisted he poses no risk to their one-year-old daughter who is currently in his custody. 

In a statement Saturday, WPPD said they have no evidence that the couple’s daughter is at risk while she remain’s in her father’s care.

‘The Woodland Park Police Department has been in contact with the Teller County Department of Human Services in regards to Kaylee’s custody as recently as yesterday morning. 

‘At this time the Department of Human Services does not have evidence that Kaylee’s safety is at risk while in Patrick Frazee’s custody.  

‘We still have not found Kelsey and continue to search for her’. 

They did not give any information about the search of Frazee’s house, but said that the investigative team continues to conduct interviews and other casework in the effort to locate Kelsey. 

Chief Miles J. De Young said the case ‘is the number one priority for the Woodland Park Police Department’. 

Kelsey Berreth missing: Patrick Frazee yet to be ruled out as a suspect.

Police have not ruled Frazee out as a suspect, saying they are ‘considering every possibility’. 

Told Chief De Young on Friday: ‘There have been numerous questions about whether Patrick is a suspect or a person of interest, at this point we are considering every possibility and I’m not willing to jump to conclusions or label people involved in this highly complex investigation.’

He added: ‘He is communicating with us through his attorney and that’s about all I can say.’

He claimed Frazee, 32, has yet to sit down with detectives probing Kelsey’s disappearance despite his lawyer telling the media he had been co-operating.

Of note, the police chief also revealed Frazee has not yet allowed Kelsey’s mother – the grandmother of their one year old baby Kaylee – to see the child since her disappearance.

Asked if it was wise to leave the baby with Frazee when they don’t know if he was involved in her mom’s disappearance, he said they did ‘see Kelsey’s daughter last week, yes we are looking into that’, adding: ‘I have no information at this time that I need to take that child away at this point.’ 

At no point did Frazee contact police over the sudden disappearance of his fiance and the mother of their one year old child.

Police have yet to officially rule Kelsey’s disappearance suspicious and said they have no evidence to indicate anything other than she is a missing person.

Come Sunday night an anonymous donor posted a $25K reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Kelsey Berreth.

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