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Botham Shem Jean Dallas cop killer identified: previously shot another man

Botham Shem Jean shooting
Botham Shem Jean shooting: Pictured suspected Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger thought to have shot Botham Shem Jean.
Amber Guyger and Botham Shem Jean
Pictured suspected Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger thought to have shot Botham Shem Jean.

Amber Guyger identified as Dallas police officer who shot Botham Shem Jean after entering wrong apartment. But does her story add up?

A source within the Dallas Police Department has identified Officer Amber Guyger  in connection with Thursday’s shooting that led to the shooting death of 26 year old St Lucia man, Both Shem Jean.

The revelation follows rampant speculation on social media that the shooter was local woman Amber Renee Guyger following various users connecting disparate social media posts as the involved woman. Of note, some users claimed that the alleged shooter’s social media profile appearing to have been scrubbed off. It wasn’t immediately by whom and why?

Dallas News released a post Saturday afternoon local time confirming social media speculation after saying a source within the Dallas police department had ‘unofficially’ identified her as the white female police officer that opened gunfire after ‘apparently’ walking into the wrong apartment. A story that has been challenged on social media as dubious at best.

By Saturday night it was official, Officer Amber Guyger was officially confirmed as the white female officer who shot and killed Jean at his South Side Flats. 

Amber Guyger
Amber Guyger i’d as Dallas police officer.

Amber Guyger subject of previous shooting incident:

Of disconcert the dallasnews reports Guyger being the subject of a 2017 investigation after shooting a suspect, Uvaldo Perez who’d taken her Taser from her during a struggle upon responding to a call of delinquency. 

Mundo Hispanico reported Perez being shot in the abdomen during a traffic stop in the May, 2017 incident. The shooting led to Perez being listed in stable condition and surviving. Perez was charged with taking a weapon from an officer, possession of meth, possession of marijuana, and parole violation.

A decision was ultimately made not to indict Guyger. 

Amber Guyger no charges made. Warrant for her arrest on hold, but why? 

While charges have yet to be filed against Guyger, she’d been expected to face a manslaughter charge for killing Botham Jean on Thursday. That said, a warrant for her arrest had yet to be issued come Saturday. It remained unclear how or why the police officer continued to remain at large, with some social media commentators wondering if ‘murder’ charges should be applied.

‘She is devastated,’ said a Dallas police officer close to Guyger who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly reported the Dallas News. ‘She is so, so sorry for this family.’

Guyger had moved into the South Side Flats complex about a month earlier and had never met Jean, the officer said. A claim many on social media questioned, with speculation that she may have shot Jean as retribution for a failed romance- to date no proof was tended that the two had ever met each other, let alone been involved. 

The Dallas News reported Guyger starting on patrol in the department’s southeast division five years ago and later selected as the sole woman on a elite critical response team of about 10 officers who make high-risk arrests in the division’s crime hot spots.

Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata said the officer who killed Jean ‘is a young dedicated officer who has done an amazing job in her short time with the Dallas Police Department.’

Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall said the department would not confirm the officer’s name until she has been formally charged with a crime. It remains unclear what crime Guyger will be charged with as elements of her story failed to stack up.

Not clear is how the white female officer was able to enter her black neighbor’s home or whether the victim’s door was open or unlocked. Also not clear is upon entering, Guyger, an elite cop – was unable to realize she was on the wrong floor, wrong apartment and why her first impulse was to shoot Jean who she found inside. 

Come Saturday morning, fox4news reported the Dallas Police chief announcing that the warrant for Guyger was on hold, after a request by lead investigators, the Texas Rangers.

The cop has since been placed on leave while the incident is investigated by the Dallas County district attorney’s office.

Perhaps or in spite of rampant social media speculation (and condemnation for failure to act) the Dallas Police released a statement, Saturday evening, confirming Officer Amber Guyger, a four-year veteran with the department, being officially identified as the person who fatally shot Jean.

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