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Mollie Tibbetts search: Iowa pig farmer with stalker arrests refuses polygraph tests

Wayne Cheney
Pictured, Iowa pig farmer, Wayne Cheney
Wayne Cheney
Pictured,  Deep River, Iowa pig farmer, Wayne Cheney

Wayne Cheney Iowa pig farmer questioned third time with disappearance of missing freshman student, Mollie Tibbetts after refusing lie detector test. 

An Iowa pig farmer with a history of stalking arrests has been questioned for a second time over the disappearance of 20 year old University of Iowa freshman, Mollie Tibbetts.

Tibbetts was last seen on July 18 in the small town of Brooklyn with investigators conceding during a recent press corps meeting having made little progress in their search.

Enter, Wayne Cheney, 56, a Deep River pig farmer who lives a few miles outside of Brooklyn who according to Fox News was visited a second time by FBI agents. The media outlet reported Cheney saying allowing investigators to search his property and inspect his phone.

According to the pig farmer, he had ‘no idea’ who Tibbetts is while saying he believes ‘some guy has her.’

‘I don’t know who those two were but they took me down to the fire station Tuesday and questioned me for two hours.’ Cheney reiterated, ‘I don’t remember what they asked me.’

Of note, Cheney, who pleaded guilty in stalking cases in 2009 and 2014 despite his protestations of innocence declined taking a polygraph test.

‘I was arrested in 2011 for breaching a restraining order. It was an ex girlfriend. That was the only time,’ Cheney told media.

Or was it the only time?

Wayne Cheney Iowa pig farmer: sketchy criminal past.

According to the dailymail, Cheney who along with being convicted with two prior stalking charges in 2009 and 2014, also had a slew of violations of no-contact orders.

In 2010 Cheney was found guilty for violating a non contact order in Poweshiek County.

Then in 2011, he was found guilty for violating a non contact order in Jasper County.

In 2014 he was found guilty of violating a protection order in Marion County.

He was also found guilty of criminal trespass in 1996 in Poweshiek County.

The farmer who’d been interviewed for 5-10 minutes on Friday by the FBI had been scheduled to be interviewed once again on Sunday following an initial interview on July 26 reported ABC WHO-TV. Of note the farmer went on to tell the media outlet that police questioning him was a waste of time.

Investigators did find a red shirt that may belong to Tibbetts on a nearby hog farm on Thursday, according to Inside Edition. Someone mowing the lawn in the area found the shirt, and authorities are making a thorough search of the area.

Officers believe the t shirt could belong to Tibbetts as staff at the daycare center where she worked in a nearby town wore red shirts. 

Anyone with information on Mollie’s whereabouts should contact the Poweshiek Sheriff’s Office at (641) 623-5679.

A reward fund in connection with Mollie’s disappearance has increased to $260,000.

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Wayne Cheney
Pictured, Wayne Cheney Deep River, Iowa residence.
Mollie Tibbetts t shirt
This is an example of one of the shirts worn by staff at the daycare center where Mollie Tibbetts worked which was similar to the one found on Thursday.