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West Fargo middle teacher shares explicit photos with 2 students before seducing one

Shannon Moser,
Pictured Shannon Moser,
Shannon Moser,
Pictured West Fargo, Norh Dakota teacher, Shannon Moser,

Shannon Moser a West Fargo, Norh Dakota teacher charged with sex crimes after sending risque photos to teen boys, makes victim promise to keep tryst secret.

A North Dakota middle school teacher was on Monday arrested after allegedly sharing hundreds of risqué photos and Snanpchat messages with two male students before seducing one of her victims.

The teacher’s arrest follows Shannon Moser, 37 of Moorhead, resigning July 12 from Liberty Middle School where she’d taught science for the last two years. The teacher’s resignation came a day after agreeing to be interviewed at the Moorhead Police Department.

According to the police report, early on in the interview Moser was reluctant to answer any questions, with the woman repeatedly asking what would happen to her husband and four children, saying it will ruin their lives.

A released statement form the West Fargo Police Department told of officers receiving an anonymous tip in June, claiming Moser being physical intimate with a 16-year-old male student on a gravel road in Rendezvous Park in West Fargo.

Following the ‘get-together’, Moser is alleged to have told her student victim, ‘no one can know,’ according to an arrest report.

Other anonymous complaints included the former teacher sharing explicit Snapchat photos with the student.

But it gets grimmer.

Shannon Moser
Shannon Moser teacher

Shannon Moser teacher: Police make disturbing discoveries on West Fargo educator’s phone.

WDAZ reported a second victim, a 15 year old boy, coming forward alleging Moser also sharing explicit pictures with him on Snapchat for nearly a year. 

One of the photos the teacher sent the boy included a video of herself and her husband being physically intimate. 

Police said the second victim never had any physical contact with Moser.

Other filed complaints included the teacher allowing students to call her ‘Kim Kardashian’.

Another instance according to students included the former teacher attending a student party in 2017 and taking ‘touchy-feely’ photos with students.

Staffers had noticed Moser’s interactions with male students and questioned whether the educator was crossing student-teacher relationship boundaries. 

One of her co-workers cited an incident occurring while Moser was playing basketball with an eighth grade boy. 

The co-worker said in the complaint that ‘the interactions appeared to be uncomfortable because of the physical nature of the basketball game and their interactions appeared to cross student/teacher boundaries’.

A West Fargo schools spokesperson in a statement said that the district ‘will continue cooperating with the Police Department in their investigation, and will not comment further, in order to not jeopardize their progress’. 

Moser, who has four children with her husband, has denied the allegations, while saying ‘we always preach, “tell the truth,” and I have not been’.

But it continues to get grimmer…

Police have since found URLs for explicit websites that included younger boys physically engaging with older women on her cellphone’s browsing history. 

Moser has been charged with two counts of using a minor in a sexual performance, and one count of sexual assault

Meanwhile, the woman’s husband, Brett Moser, a pastor at River City Church in downtown Fargo has since been placed on administrative leave according to a released church statement.

Yet to be necessarily understood is what led to the female teacher abusing her position of trust, authority and power and subjugating her teen male victims…

Following the ex teacher’s Tuesday morning arraignment, valleynewslive reported Moser being ordered to have no contact with her 2 juvenile male victims, as well as no social media use.

Moser is due back in court on August 23rd. The woman was released following making bail of $30K.

Shannon Moser
Shannon Moser as she appeared during her Tuesday court arraignment.