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Mom catches Harwood junior high counselor in bed with teen student son

Shannon Hathaway
Also a preferred hawt bixch is Shannon Hathaway
Shannon Hathaway
Also a preferred hawt bixch is Texas middle school teacher and Harwood Junior High School counselor, Shannon Hathaway. Image via Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office police bookings.

What led to Shannon Hathaway, a Texas middle school teacher and Harwood Junior High School counselor sexually preying on a teen male student. Caught in bed by teen’s mother. 

Also taking her place in the ever expanding list of female teachers sexually preying on teen male students is Texas middle school teacher, Shannon Dann Peterson Hathaway after the boy’s mother walked into her son’s bedroom only to find the 33 year old counselor canoodling with her son, and then some.

Come Thursday, Shannon Hathaway who was employed at Harwood Junior High School, was booked on charges for an improper relationship between an educator and a student, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Bedford Police Department issued a warrant for the 33-year-old counselor Wednesday due to her alleged relationship with a ninth-grade student.

Authorities said the pair were ‘deep in the throes of intimacy’ when the 17 year old teen’s mother hearing ‘unusual sounds,’ walked in on her son and Hathaway, naked in bed.

Police contacted school officials in May about the allegations and the counselor was placed on paid leave, DFW-TV reported. The media outlet reported police initiating an investigation after the victim’s sister went to school administrators. 

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the 17-year-old confided in his sister that he ‘had sex’ with Hathaway at least 12 times. The sister told police that she never saw anything inappropriate, but did see Hathaway spending a lot of time with her brother and holding his hand.

Hathaway reportedly resigned before surrendering Thursday to authorities.

The school district notified parents Thursday in an automated call.

‘There is no evidence to suggest the alleged behavior happened on the Harwood Junior High campus,’ Superintendent Steve Chapman said.

Shannon Hathaway junior counselor was in love with her teen male victim and planned on leaving her husband:

Investigators told during their discovery Hathaway having sex with her male victim a dozen times, saying she was in love with the boy and had planned to leave her husband for the teen.

Police files indicated the pair having had physical liaison two to three times in Hathaway’s home in Keller and up to eight times at her victim’s family home.

Upon the boy’s mother catching her son with Hathaway, police files noted the boy seeking to ‘break things’ off with the junior counsellor.

Online records indicated Hathaway marrying her husband in Tarrant County, Texas, on May 18, 2013. Heavy revealed the husband also working as a high school teacher and wrestling coach in another Texas school district.

Of note, Hathaway’s teen victim has since dropped out of school and is 18.

Come Thursday, upon surrendering herself, Hathaway was booked into the Tarrant County Jail and held on $5,000 bail. Online records listed her as being an inmate at the jail Thursday night.

If convicted, Hathaway faces the potential of being spending between 2 to 20 years in prison.

Yet to be necessarily understood is what led to the female educator and presumed role model abusing her position of authority, trust and power to sexually prey on her male victim?

Shannon Hathaway
Shannon Hathaway pictured as a teen prior to graduating from high school.
Shannon Hathaway
Shannon Hathaway and her husband.