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Woman’s mystery butchered torso found Brooklyn park

Canarsie Park woman’s dismembered body found
Canarsie Park woman’s dismembered body found. Screen shot via cbsny.
Canarsie Park woman’s dismembered body found
Canarsie Park woman’s dismembered body found. Screen shot via cbsny.

Canarsie Park woman’s mystery dismembered body found after dog walker came across limbless torso they initially believed to be that of a doll. Identity of victim unknown. 

A woman’s dismembered body has been found at Brooklyn’s, Canarsie Park in east NY.

Police reported the macabre discovery taking place circa 6.10pm, Monday night after a park goer had earlier that day made their way along the East 86th st and Seaview location.

The unclothed woman still had her head attached to her torso while her arms and legs were chopped off.

The nytimes cited an official saying the body being facedown with no legs or arms attached. Police said the torso was found under shrubbery, while it remained unclear whether it had been deliberately placed there to conceal it.

No clothes, or personal items were found. Police said the woman’s limbs remained missing.

Sources revealed the victim is believed to be African American, with the limbs appearing to have been removed by cutting.

Robert Clouden, 53, said he initially saw the dismembered torso which he initially thought was a doll while walking his Maltese dog, Monday morning.

The local resident said he discovered the limbless body about 10 to 12 feet off a path toward the back of the park. Upon returning home, the man called authorities.

The dog walker said he had initial reservations calling 911 after thinking it wasn’t real. Clouden went on to say it wasn’t a path he normally took.

Canarsie Park woman’s dismembered body found: ‘the body couldn’t have been there that long, this is a very busy park’. 

Told the man via the nydailynews, ‘I looked over to my left and I thought what I saw was a doll. It didn’t have any clothing,’ 

Adding, ‘All I saw was a torso. I didn’t see legs or anything. It was a petite body. It wasn’t that big. That’s what made me think it was a doll.’

Later that evening he took his dog for a walk again and saw that the area had been barricaded off by police, which is only when he realized it was an actual human body.

Reiterated the man, ‘This is a shock. It’s a very quiet neighborhood. The park in the summertime is very well-used’.

The resident who has lived in the Canarsie area since 1995 said that it was a place where he felt ‘safe walking any time of the day or night.’

Not clear is how long the body had been on the ground prior to it being discovered.

Reported nbcny: It’s not known how the woman’s body ended up there, or if she was the victim of some sort of violence. Crime scene investigators were spotted at the scene. 

Community activist Tony Herbert said he thinks the body must have been dumped there recently, adding that “it’s a very active park.” 

“This body couldn’t have been here that long,” he said. 

Authorities have yet to identity the victim as they now seek to ‘understand’ the circumstances leading into her gruesome death.