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Alyssia Marie Reddy has sex with teen student, ‘put your hands on me’

Pictured, former NJ prep teacher, Alyssia Marie Reddy
Alyssia Marie Reddy
Pictured, former NJ prep teacher, Alyssia Marie Reddy

What led to Alyssia Marie Reddy a NJ prep school teacher sexually preying on a 16 year old minor student? Sent victim a Snapchat message, ‘I want your hands on me’.

Alyssia Marie Reddy a former 28 year old NJ prep school teacher has been arrested after allegedly having had sex with a 16 year old male student in a park this past spring, police in Solebury Township, Pa., said.

Upon the former Pennington School teacher’s arrest Friday, the woman was charged with institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communication facility and corruption of a minor, noted a Solebury Township police department release.

Matters came to the fore after Solebury Township police told of receiving a report last month of an alleged sexual tryst over the spring, which took place in a park. The investigation determined that Reddy, an English teacher allegedly had sexual intercourse with the student.

Reddy is living in the Baltimore area. She’s being held in Baltimore while waiting to be extradited to Pennsylvania.

Alyssia Marie Reddy
Pictured former Pennington school teacher, Alyssia Marie Reddy.

Alyssia Marie Reddy to teen victim: ‘I want your hands on me’

Responding to Reddy’s arrest, Pennington School sent a letter to parents advising that it had been ‘recently made aware of an alleged inappropriate relationship involving a former Upper School teacher of The Pennington School in the 2016-17 school year,’ the Trentonian reported.

Cost of tuition at the school where Reddy taught comes in at just over $38,100 a year.

The school went on to say that ‘the matter was promptly reported to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.’

According to police records, Reddy gave the student her cell phone number and then added him on Snapchat in December 2016, reported NBC10.

The student said that he received messages from Reddy in February 2017 saying: ‘I want your hands on me.’

About three weeks after that, Reddy picked up the student from a friend’s house in Solebury, Pennsylvania, drove him to a nearby park and had sex with him, according to the police report.

Alyssia Marie Reddy
Alyssia Marie Reddy

Alyssia Marie Reddy had no prior history of illicit behavior.

Fox 43 reported Reddy also being fired from her job at St. Paul’s School for Girls in Maryland.

‘We have just learned that one of our Upper School teachers, Alyssia Reddy, who joined our faculty this year, has been charged with a felony involving sexual assault of a minor,’ head of school Penny B. Evans said in a letter sent to student parents.‘The alleged events took place in Pennsylvania this past school year with a male high school student before she came to St. Paul’s School for Girls.’

She said Reddy who had recently taken on a role as a history teacher has been fired from the school and banned from the campus.

While adding, ‘Before today, we had no information suggesting any prior improper conduct by Mrs. Reddy’.

A regard of Reddy’s Facebook page, appeared to canvas many pictures of who appears to be her teacher husband and her two young children.

Yet to be necessarily understood is what compelled the female teacher to abuse her position of authority, position of power and trust, to sexually prey on her male teen victim, a situation that continues to be a growing trend in the US school system.

Alyssia Marie Reddy
Pictured Pennington School where Alyssia Marie Reddy met her teen victim.