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Wesley Goodman anti LGBT Ohio lawmaker double life exposed

Wesley Goodman
Pictured Ohio State Republican Rep, Wesley Goodman and wife, Bethany Goodman. Image via social media.

Wesley Goodman Ohio conservative lawmaker and anti LGBT lawmaker resigns in the wake of sexual transgressions and allegations of a lurid double life. 

State Rep. Wesley Goodman an ant LGTB lawmaker and Christian conservative from Ohio has been exposed as leading a double life as the 33 year old married man trolled Craigslist looking for random gay hookups.

In a report via The Plain Dealer of Cleveland former GOP congressional staffer Chris Donnelly told how the conservative law maker regularly sought sexual encounters with other men, even allegedly having a sexual encounter with Donnelly in 2008.

Donnelly said Goodman responded to his Craigslist ad looking for gay hookups, using the name ‘Brad Murphey’.

Murphey called himself ‘straight/curious.’

‘Maybe we can hang and see what’s up, no expectations really,’ the response said. ‘But your post seemed cool so let me know bro.’

Donnelly said Goodman was ‘all over Craigslist’, regularly responded to ads he and other gay men posted.

‘It became a running joke between me and my gay friends on Capitol Hill,’ Donnelly said. ‘It’s not like it was some one-off thing.’

Wes Goodman
Pictured Ohio conservative rep, Wes Goodman

Wesley Goodman Ohio lawmaker caught having sex with another man at his office mid-week resigns following outing. 

The revelations follow Goodman resigning last week after reports emerged of him having a consensual relationship with a male member of his staff. While the liaison wasn’t deemed to constitute sexual harassment, the relationship which took place at Goodman’s office had been deemed to be ‘inappropriate.’ 

The identity of the ‘other party’ was not revealed, only for a House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger to say the individual was not employed by the state legislature. The statement came after Goodman was found to be having sex with another male at his office. 

The outing contradicted the image the conservative politician had manufactured, openly championing pro-family and anti-LGBT causes while aspiring to someday run for Congress.

In private, Goodman exchanged salacious texts and emails with gay men he met on Capitol Hill, and sent sexually suggestive messages to young men he met through conservative circles who were too intimidated to publicly complain, according to three people who knew him when he worked in Washington.

In one instance Goodman had allegedly tried to convince a fellow conservative to join him and his wife, Bethany Goodman for threesomes.

Wesley Goodman
Pictured the Ohio conservative lawmaker, Wesley Goodman with wife, Bethany Goodman.

Wesley Goodman begged me to have threesomes with him tweets conservative journalist, Caleb Hull.

‘We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,’ Goodman said in his resignation announcement.

Adding, ‘That has been true for me, and I sincerely regret that my actions and choices have kept me from serving my constituents and our state in a way that reflects the best ideals of public service. For those whom I have let down, I’m sorry.’

A regard of Goodman’s website saw the lawmaker advocating his belief that marriage is only between a man and a woman, and that, ‘he’d relied on these conservative values to bolster his political message and relate to voters. ‘

Adding, ‘The ideals of a loving father and mother, a committed natural marriage, and a caring community are well worth pursuing and protecting’.

Also stepping forward was conservative journalist, Caleb Hill who tweeted on Saturday, ‘Wes Goodman, who was just caught having sex with a man in his office, begged me to have sex with him and/or his wife on several occasions while I went to school in Ohio’.

In the latest revelation in recent days, amongst others, Donnelly said he felt obliged to come forward after becoming disappointed that while Goodman pursued sex with men, he was politically promoting legislation that the LGBT community had opposed.

The married, 33-year-old was elected to the 87th district seat of Cardington in 2016 after working for the Conservative Action Project, a network of economic, social and national security conservatives. He previously worked for conservative U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, a Champaign County Republican, known for for his staunch opposition to gay marriage. It wasn’t immediately clear if either previous affiliations were aware of Goodman’s double life ….

Wesley Gooman
Correspondences Wesley Gooman is alleged to have sent.
Wes Goodman
Wes Goodman double life, ‘why decline…?’