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The rise of the fetish love-maker examined: which one are you?

popular sex fetishes
popular sex fetishes:
fetish love-maker
fetish love-maker: Is BDSM your cup of tea? The rise of the fetish love-maker examined. Image via social media

The rise of the fetish love-maker. A guide to some of the more preferred fetishes singles and couples continue to gravitate to. 

As social inhibitions continue to be cast aside and with the rise of the internet,  taboo sexual fetishes are becoming increasingly mainstream and part of a mutually agreeable repertoire between partners.

What may have once been perceived unthinkable, or only the doyen of the pervert (humans so often excel at self denial) or the profane, social mores continue to ease as human curiosity and sexual desire knows no bounds. But did it ever?

Which raises the question what are some of the fetishes that are making increasing airplay in the bedroom (or where ever it is that takes your fancy)?

1-Foot worship: According to one report courtesy of the nypost, foot worship is where it’s at. Whether it’s adulation of celebrities feet, a man’s obsession with his mistresses high heels, a landlord willing to give his tenant free rent as long as she lets him lick her feet,  the use of her or his heel or toes for stimulation or just the general sensual celebration of a well lubed foot. Foot worship is here to stay and how.

2-Incest: Also appearing on the sensual and the erotic is incest role play. Increasingly more and more partners are assuming the once imaginable illicit role of father to daughter, brother to sister, mother to son. While touching nebulous territory in real life, in make believe it has according to one recent study seen a steady surge between willing participants. I did say ‘willing’ kids. And yes, it is just acting. So get enjoy and get off on the fantasy!

3-Cuckolding: According to one site, cuckolding is ‘the fastest growing fetish on the internet.’  It comes in many forms, the most common being men watching their wives have sex with another man. Some men want to be so close to the action that their faces nearly get slapped by stray body parts. Some men want to hold their wife’s hand while she cheats.

But why? And what does it say about society? Perhaps infidelity is one of the last taboo scenarios. But are you really surprised? Rationalizing human behavior, moral codes might work fine in socially constructed circumstances, but between consenting adults, it appears to be opening channels of eroticism and mysticism between the sheets. Or lack of.

fetish love-maker
fetish love-maker: Webcam fetishes has made one former law student, Games of Thrones actress, Ella Hughes a highly sought after voyeur star.

4-Webcam worship: Surprised? You probably have your favorite adult actress/actor you can’t get enough of, where with a bottle of your finest, your slinky toys you get it on with your virtual host as she or he role plays live to your demands- and the requests are far and wide:

From dirty talk, to large and rotund mistresses, school girl mistress vixens, all vying (for a fee) to entice their online audience to a higher and higher unbound terrain. Yes kids, this sport comes with your usual choice of toys for your voyeur mission.

5-Sex doll fetish: What would fantasy and fetish be without your very own sex doll? Catering to the more adventurous amongst you, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to create willing partners (24-7 and at one’s beck and call) with porcelain features, durable parts and with real life proportions.

Some trending favorites include the Dutch wife, a particular favorite among Japanese men who increasingly given the demands and tensions of society have turned to make believe partners.

Notes one maker of Dutch Wives, ‘…are made from high quality silicon and so realistic are they that the makers insist that buyers will have a hard time distinguishing them from a real girlfriend at first glance.’ 

Added value includes buyers, being able to customize dolls, from bust size, hair type and color.

fetish love-maker
fetish love-maker: Can’t resist the feel of a woman’s silk brasserie? Don’t worry, you’re not alone….

6-Cross-dressing. Notes lovepanky, This practice is usually more common with men. Regardless, many people still enjoy dressing in clothes or undies of the opposite sex before getting busy. Think that your man’s cross-dressing ways indicates that he may be gay, or transgender? Think again.’

It’s no mystery that many of us enjoy the silky feelings of a woman’s lingerie and put inhibition aside to taking to wearing such items or even allowing themselves to be dressed at their partner’s whim. Which brings us to the next fetish, which you may or not be into.

7-BDSM: Body dominance and submission has become a highly sought sport, one can thank cult favorite, 50 Shades of Grey, in exploring such themes, which has seen partners willing to submit to their partner’s dominance and vice versa.

Notes wikipedia, ‘BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics.’ Once again the key terms are willing partners keen to explore interpersonal dynamics- such sport often comes with lots of leather, hot wax, belts, whips, straps, dildos, rope, handcuffs- well you get the drift. 

8- Objectum Sexualis: Who can resist making love on the bridge? What about just making love to the bridge, licking its steal beams, its hot piston bolts? The Eiffel Tower springs to mind, and for one Santa Fe woman, it went so far as her marrying a train station– because who can’t resist falling in love and submitting oneself to inanimate objects – the sole dominion of your favorite fantasy.

Which raises the question, which role play fetish above best describes you and which ever one it is, rest assured you are one of many taking up this delicious sport- happy hunting.

fetish love-maker
fetish love-maker: silicone dolls, known as Dutch wives (pictured) have become increasingly popular, often enduring some degree of wear and tear ….