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‘I’m the real victim’ Jaclyn McLaren Canadian teacher jailed after threesome with students in car

Jaclyn McLaren
Pictured Canadian teacher, Jaclyn McLaren
Jaclyn McLaren sentencing
Jaclyn McLaren sentencing: Pictured the Ontario, Canada middle school teacher.

Jaclyn McLaren sentencing: A Canadian middle school teacher has pled guilty to sexual impropriety while insisting she was the real victim.

Jaclyn McLaren a 36 year old Ontario, Canada middle school teacher has been sentenced to two years jail after pleading guilty to sending nude photos to, and engaging in sexual acts with, a succession of teens aged 13-18.

At the time of her sentencing the woman insisted matters escalated after initially being blackmailed.

A report via CBC told of McLaren who taught French to 6th-8th grade students in Tweed, Ontario being arrested after eight teenage boys – six of whom were her students accused her of sexual improprieties.

The court heard that the incidents began in 2013, after a male student found nude photos of her while using her phone in class – allegedly starting a blackmail scheme that ended with her sleeping with several students.

None of the victims are being identified, under Canadian law. 

The court heard that the boy showed the nude pictures to his friends during her French class at Tweed Elementary School

It was alleged that after McLaren, who also goes by the name Jaclyn Jones, asked him to give the phone back to her, one of the boys demanded more pictures in exchange for their silence. 

She admitted to sending photos of her breasts in 2014 to one of the boys, who was then 13, using Snapchat.

How did Jaclyn McLaren French teacher carry out 3 year string of sex attacks against minors?

Jaclyn McLaren
Jaclyn McLaren sentencing: Pictured the Ontario, Canada teacher, who agreed to plead guilty to seven charges against her in a plea deal.

But it didn’t end there, the teacher soon befriended her victims on social media where she went on to share more lurid images.

Another boy said he also received pictures on Snapchat in the summer of 2014, when he was 14, but McLaren said those photos were sent the following year.

McLaren admitted that she later met both boys on a local trail, where she drank beer with them and took them back to her car, where she ‘fondled and kissed’ them.

The teacher conceded performing oral sex on both boys. It was unclear how long after the pictures this incident occurred.

A third student said that McLaren started sending nude photos of herself to him when he was 15, and that when he turned 18 she had sex with him at her home.

A fourth student showed police screenshots of McLaren’s breasts, with her face visible.

The fifth boy was not a student of McLaren’s and was 16 when she sent him photos. She said she didn’t know how young he was but admitted she hadn’t tried hard enough to find out his age.

The sixth boy was 15 when McLaren sent him a video of her fondling her breasts, the court heard.

He and the seventh complainant, who also received photos of her breasts, were both her students at the time.

The final complainant, a 17-year-old, said that she sent him photos of her breasts and a video of herself nude and performing a sex act. 

She said she didn’t know his age, but again admitted to not taking reasonable steps to find out.

It wasn’t until February 2016 that a probe against the teacher was launched after a parent of one of McLaren’s victims became suspicious about the nature of the teacher’s relationship with the boy.

Originally booked on 42 charges, with many of the charges referencing the same offenses, the number of charges against McLaren was ultimately reduced to seven as Canadian law doesn’t allow someone to be convicted twice of the same crime.

In the end the teacher was convicted on two counts of sexual exploitation, two counts of luring, one of possession of child pornography, one of making explicit material available to people under 18 and one of making it available to people under 16.

Told the parent, ‘Not once did it cross my mind that I would be delivering my son to a predator,’

Adding, ‘I’m completely disgusted. It sickens me.’

The parent, a mother went on to comment on her son going from being a good student and athlete to no longer playing sports and racking up suspensions since the ordeal.

Reacting to McLaren’s sentencing, Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board where the teacher had worked released the following statement:

‘We are aware that sentencing took place today for Jaclyn McLaren,’ 

‘We recognize that this has been a challenging and difficult situation for everyone involved. Employee matters are confidential. No further details will be released at this time.‘ 

Jaclyn McLaren sentencing
Jaclyn McLaren sentencing

During an earlier hearing, prosecutor Lynn Ross told of McLaren’s bosses warning her in 2013 to stop carrying on as social media friends with her students.

Nevertheless the teacher persisted, sending them naked photos and videos of her breasts and vagina before sexually assaulting three of them.

In a pre-sentence report prepared for the court the crown prosecutor indicated McLaren exhibiting reluctance in accepting responsibility for her actions. Lynn Ross said the report suggests McLaren, when counseled, engaged in ‘victim blaming.’

Upon her release CTV News Toronto reports the teacher will have two years of probation along with being banned from using social media, along with being forbidden to be in contact with anyone under 18 online.

As part of her sentence, McLaren is also banned from going near playground or public places where children are likely to be for ten years after release.

The ex-teacher will also be registered as a sex offender and has been ordered to undergo ‘sexual treatment’. 

Of question is why the teacher at no point went to police and capitulated to not one boy but eight different boy’s demands of alleged blackmail? Which is to wonder had the genders been reversed would McLaren’s accusations of blackmail being seriously taken by the court and could one reasonably expect the the teacher to have received a far more onerous jail sentencing?

Jaclyn McLaren sentencing
Jaclyn McLaren sentencing. Image via social media
Jaclyn McLaren sentencing
Jaclyn McLaren sentencing