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Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg bridge crash: How I severed Amanda Miner’s body in half

Stefan Hoyte
Pictured, Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash victim, Amanda Miner
Stefan Hoyte
Pictured, Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash victim, Amanda Miner

Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg bridge crash: A defense lawyer insists a crash that severed Brooklyn victim, Amanda Miner was an accident and not drunk driving. 

New gruesome details released a day after the motoring accident of 21 year old Lafayette College junior, Amanda Miner has told of the Brooklyn woman being severed in half.

Prosecutors say so horrific was the Williamsburg Bridge crash which saw Miner, a Williamsburg resident who had been returning in the early morning hours from celebrating her 21st birthday, that her body was severed at the point of impact and flung across the road.

Arrested at the scene was birthday friend and motorist, Stefan Hoyte, 24, who had allegedly been driving drunk. The traffic enforcement agent was charged with vehicular manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, DWI and cited for speeding, police said.

Hoyte along with a third passenger, fellow traffic enforcement agent, 24-year-old Michael Camacho survived the traffic accident incurring only minor injuries.

Both men’s lives were likely saved having sat in the front of the car, with the back of Hoyte’s vehicle, a gray 2013 Infiniti sedan, demolished beyond recognition after slamming into a barrier dividing the inner and outer roadway in the Brooklyn-bound lanes.

Stefan Hoyte
Pictured, Stefan Hoyte.

111mph: Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg bridge crash indicted on manslaughter

‘Happy 21st’ Amanda Miner killed by drunk driving transit cop

Prosecutors said Hoyte who had been drinking that evening was going close to 60 mph in a 35-mph zone along the bridge when he lost control and smashed into a pillar.

At the time of the crash, Hoyte’s blood alcohol level clocked a reading of .103. Which is a far cry from the .08 that NY state law mandates and something that a traffic enforcement agent would presumably know.

Hoyte told cops he had two beers at a Manhattan bar.

The nydailynews reported Police Office Matthew Mauro saying Hoyte was unsteady on his feet, had watery eyes and smelled of alcohol.

Hoyte posted bail, after being arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court Thursday night. Prosecutors requested Hoyte held without bail, but Judge David Frey set bail at $100,000 cash or bond with Hoyte posting a few hours later.

Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash
Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash. Pictured, Hoyte (left), the 26-year-old driver of the car and an NYPD traffic officer, was injured along with his colleague and friend, 24-year-old Michael Camacho.
Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash
Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash. Pictured Hoyte’s 2013 Infiniti vehicle that was involved in the crash.

‘He’s devastated,’ Hoyte’s defense attorney, Scott Cerbin said. ‘It was a horrific accident. You had this confluence of events. It’s a terrible bridge and add into that a terrible blizzard and it was a perfect storm.’

Cerbin also noted that a reflector that alerts drivers to a barrier that divides two lanes on the bridge was missing.

Continued the lawyer, ‘What the district attorney’s office is saying are allegations,’

‘What we have are facts. There’s factual evidence that supports the fact that this was a horrible accident.’

Facts or wishful thinking that wont bring back 21 year old woman and aspiring social worker, Amanda Miner….

Hoyte is due back in court this coming Tuesday.

Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash
Pictured, Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash victim, Amanda Miner.
Stefan Hoyte Williamsburg Bridge crash
Pictured Amanda Williamsburg Bridge crash victim. Images via Facebook.
Amanda Miner
Pictured Amanda Miner Williamsburg Bridge crash victim who died after being ejected from a vehicle being driven by drunk driving traffic enforcement agent, Stephan Hoyt.
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  • kkb

    Medians don’t move. Cars do. People drive accordingly. period.

  • Roman Ramos

    i just can’t believe that he claims to be “Devastated” by her death & then can walk out of court smiling.. His blood alcohol level was way over the limit.. And maybe the divider was a contributing factor, but regardless of that is the fact that given his age he’s more than likely NOT experienced enough to drive (Defensively) instead of Speeding, and probably also felt a false sense of being somehow above the law due to his employment at the NYPD’s Traffic Enforcement Division.. I just hope the Judge who hands down his sentence has a chance to see that insensitive smile on his face from the News… And doesn’t give him special treatment because of his Civil Service Job.. How can you smile right now? You get to go home, eat a nice warm meal, text your friends and whatever else it is that Retards like you do with their lives.. She doesn’t get to go home.. Ever… Thanks to You SMILEY!!!…. And when you do get out of jail, I hope her family sues The Smile right off your face and you have to live the rest of your life trying to scrape by.. Cause your paychecks are garnished..FOREVER!! RIP AMANDA

  • Girl Interrupted

    I agree Ed, but it’s so easy sober to bump one of those medians and get tossed over to the right into another car and then another…NJ is the worst for that. I always like to get others opinions about this. Guardrails at lest would stop a car differently. Maybe I’m putting this wrong, but even if a car went on the other side of the road, people may see it coming and have a chance. Those medians scare the hell out of me. They’re claustrophobic. I saw a story where a girl and her fiance were broke down and did everything legal. 4 ways, called for help, and a car on the other side got bumped by a car on the right. pushed into a median, went upside down over the top and landed on the two kids and killed them. They never saw it coming. It may be me being paranoid, like I said I like other opinions on this.

  • EdRevealsAll

    Then again a head-on crash can really ruin your day. The problem here wasn’t the median, it was the drunken dipchit behind the wheel.

  • Girl Interrupted

    Those cement dividers kill more than help. hey cram cars together. I hate them and it’s why I never drive on a lot of highways or near NYC. They’re dangerous. The girl may have had a chance of the thing hadn’t cut the car in half whether the driver was drunk or not. I’ve seen it happen when a driver was just clipped by another car and all were sober.