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Nichole Thiel teacher sex with student: I hadn’t had sex in six years.

Nichole Thiel teacher
Pictured Nichole Thiel teacher
Nichole Thiel teacher
Pictured Couer d’Alene Charter Academy teacher, Nichole Thiel.

Nichole Thiel an Idaho teacher has been accused of having sex with a teen student after the boy comforted her whilst crying in class.

Nichole Thiel a 48 year old Couer d’Alene Charter Academy administrator has been accused of having sex with a Bonner County teen after previously investigated for kissing the same child during school.

Nichole Noel Thiel, the vice principal and athletic director at the Idaho academy was charged with felony sexual battery.

Court documents cited by KXLY.com tell of the illicit tryst being initiated when the victim one day came across the teacher upset and crying at school. In a bid to comfort the administrator, the boy hugged the teacher who in turn kissed the boy on the cheek.

Sandpoint police say Thiel had sex with the boy at a condominium in December 2015, when she was 46 and her student was 16. The teen told investigators that he began communicating with Thiel on Facebook via private message before the sexual encounter.

Investigators say during the Christmas break, the teacher allegedly picked up the boy at his father’s home and took him back to her Coeur d’Alene house — where she admitted that she hadn’t had sex in six years. She then offered to give the boy a back massage, before the sex starved teacher had sex with her victim.

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Nichole Thiel teacher
Pictured, Nichole Thiel Bonner County teacher

At the time Thiel was the teen’s culinary arts teacher at Lake Pend Oreille High School. According to court documents the two were friendly to each other after the encounter but did not have sex again, with Thiel shortly moving to teach at the Academy. 

Come December, 2016, the victim told a school counselor about the illicit tryst, believing they wouldn’t tell anyone, according to the Bonner County Daily Bee. That report triggered an investigation by Sandpoint police.

The boy’s mother told investigators she was told the situation was ‘handled’ and that the teacher was no longer working at the school, according to court documents. Thiel left the school district in June 2016.

In an email and Facebook post sent Thursday morning, Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy Principal Dan Nicklay wrote, ‘I understand that some may feel blindsided by the revelation of this news, but we were advised by our attorney to remove Mrs. Thiel from the school setting and not share any details until and unless charges were officially filed.’

Charges were filed in Bonner County on Jan. 19, with the woman subsequently placed on administrative leave with her newest employer, the Kootenai County charter school. 

Thiel declined to be questioned by police after consulting with her attorney, the police report said.

Thiel according to her LinkedIn profile was the recipient of a Fulbright-Hays fellowship in 2006 when she was a teacher at Lake City High School.

Her profile also describes he having 12 years of classroom teaching experience, with her specialty including instructing students on teen living, leadership, fashion and career development. 

Nicole Thiel is due to appear in court March 1. If convicted, Thiel faces up to 25 years in prison.