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David Volk abandoned as newborn in McDonald’s bathroom finds family 39 years later

David Volk
Pictured, David Volk who'd been abandoned by his mother at a Newark, McDonald's outlet 39 years ago.
David Volk
Pictured, David Volk who’d been abandoned by his mother at a Newark, McDonald’s outlet 39 years ago.

David Volk has announced discovering his family after being abandoned at a NJ McDonald’s bathroom 39 years ago. A lot of un-answered questions remain. 

David Volk a Pennsylvania man abandoned at birth by his mother at a New Jersey, McDonald’s bathroom has found his long lost family after 39 years.

Confirmation of the family lineage came after a DNA test confirmed the Plainfield Township man’s blood ties.

‘I’m relieved that the search is over’ Volk told via Leigh Valley Live .

The saga comes to a close after Volk was abandoned at a Newark, McDonald’s store on December 20, 1977.

Volk was adopted about a year later and would eventually settle with his adoptive family in the Slate Belt; he attended Pen Argyl Area High School.

Having met his siblings that he never knew last year, a brother and a sister, Volk is now anticipating meeting the woman who abandoned him after having exchanged emails with her.

Can you imagine?

The initial confirmation came in 2016 when a DNA test identified a second cousin, which in turn spurred Volk to keep looking for his immediate family.

For two years Volk sifted through the Star-Ledger archives, crowdsourced tips along with tracking down former fast food workers at the Newark restaurant that flagged down cops with a report of a helpless newborn in a plastic bag.

The child was in ‘tremendously good health’ and wrapped in a receiving blanket notes the nydailynews.

Volk said he started his search after finding out about abandoned Burger King Baby’ Katheryn Deprill, then 27, who was reunited with her mother within three weeks of taking her inquiry online.

At the time Volk had put out a picture of himself on Facebook with a sign which read: ‘Please help me! I’m looking for my birth mother.’

Within months of starting his search, Volk made contact with his rescuer, Wilhelmenia Dinkins, the former McDonald’s manger who is now retired.

The post would begin a series of introductions, committed efforts before eventually connecting with a second cousin come 2016.

In fitting fashion, David Folk also took to Facebook on Monday to announce that he had at last found his immediate family, posting, ‘I would like to announce I found my birth family.’

Volk said he had a ‘lot of answered questions’ and wanted to keep the identity of his mother private.

David Volk
Pictured, David Volk with good news on Monday. Image via Facebook.