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Donald Trump groping victims? Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crooks, Cassandra Searles, Mindy McGillivray, Natasha Stoynoff

Cassandra Searles
Donald Trump groping victims emerge in a flood. Pictured, Cassandra Searles.
Donald Trump groping victims
Donald Trump groping victims emerge in a flood. Pictured, Cassandra Searles.

Donald Trump groping victims come out of the woodworks to allege sexual impropriety at the hands of the Republican Presidential contender. But does it all add up? 

Jessica Leeds, 74, Rachel Crooks, Cassandra Searles, Mindy McGillivray, 36, Natasha Stoynoff, these are the purported victims at the hands of Republican Presidential contender, Donald Trump, who all allege that at one point in time, the billionaire real estate developer inappropriately touched them.

The deluge of sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump come less than a week after an audio video was leaked, dubbed the ‘pussy’ tapes where Trump boasted of grabbing women by their private parts if and when he wanted them, without seeking their permission.

Told one of the women, Jessica Leeds via the nytimes: ‘He was like an octopus,’

‘His hands were everywhere.’

Leeds, now 74, said she was sitting in first class on a flight three decades ago when Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt.

Cathy Heller 9th Donald Trump accuser: ‘He insisted on kissing me on the lips too’

In a separate allegation, Rachel Crooks told the Times she was 22 years old and working at Trump Tower in 2005 when she shook hands with him, but he would not let go and then started to kiss her ‘directly on the mouth.’

‘I was so upset that he thought I was so insignificant that he could do that,’ she said.

Rachel Crooks
Pictured, Rachel Crooks

The nytimes article article led to Trump perhaps non surprisingly threatening to sue the media outlet.

Retorted the presidential contender, addressing the nytimes reporter who’d written the ‘hit’ piece: ‘You are a disgusting human being,’

‘None of this ever took place.’

Donald Trump groping victims
Donald Trump groping victims: Trump lawyers threaten the nytimes with legal action.

By Wednesday evening, Trump’s lawyers released a letter addressed to the nytimes demanding they ‘cease further publication’ of the article.

Yes kids, you guessed it, Trump keeps his legal team very very busy.

But it was not to be, as more allegations came Wednesday night courtesy of the mainstream press which had once coveted the rising phenomenon, ensuring his meteoric rise and free publicity, until now.

Natasha Stoynoff
Pictured, Natasha Stoynoff.

Further sinking Trump’s presidential prospects (does anyone believe he has a chance now, should we wonder to what degree the Democrat mud-slinging club is complicit in the perfectly timed leaks?) was an account courtesy of People magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff.

In a long first-person account the writer extorts Trump about a December 2005 encounter while she was writing a Christmas feature on the billionaire and his then-pregnant wife, Melania, at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to Stoynoff, after Melania Trump left them, Trump took her to a room, pressed her against a wall and forced ‘his tongue down my throat.

What to think, what to say?

In her account, Stoynoff writes that she was stunned, while even attempting to continue the interview with Trump’s butler present. Could you imagine? Such pressing demands on beautacious journalists indeed.

But it gets better. Remember this is the tabloids kids.

When the butler left, Natasha Stoynoff writes Trump allegedly told her, ‘You know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you?’

Mindy McGillivray
Donald Trump groping victims: Pictured, Mindy McGillivray.

And in a too good to be true, perfectly timed piece (one assumes the Clinton mud slinging club is very well oiled),  the Palm Beach Post published claims courtesy of another woman, Mindy McGillivray, saying that Trump groped her at Mar-a-Lago 13 years ago.

In her account, the woman told of allegedly being backstage at a Ray Charles concert when Trump ‘grabbed my butt.’ 

Needless to say, Trump has denied the claim (what choice does he really have?) while also threatening to sue the Palm Beach Post (here is a taste of what free press would look like if Trump ever got into power kids).

Also making her perfectly timed appearance as part of the Donald Trump groped me too club come Wednesday was former Miss Washington Cassandra Searles who claimed in a Facebook post that Trump groped her, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Cassandra Searles.
Donald Trump groping victims: Pictured, Cassandra Searles.
Cassandra Searles
Cassandra Searles

But if that wasn’t enough, another video surfaced Wednesday, with CBS News revealing 1992 footage from “Entertainment Tonight” in which Trump could be heard saying about a young girl, ‘I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?’

Which is to wonder, why weren’t these tapes, allegations put out into the open until now and surely spared the US voting demographic having to choose between one devil vs one devil incarnate? Or to put it plainly and simple, are these women collaborating with the Clinton mud swinging club and should the public necessarily trust their accounts?

Notes the gatewaypundit as an aside: Meanwhile Wikileaks continues to release documents that show NY Times reporters were in bed with the Hillary campaign.

But it gets even better, remember kids, this is your future here, where you’re being asked to consider voting for one ingrate over another ingrate (never mind the other non steam contenders that the mainstream press for the most part have conveniently ignored to introduce on the menu, ratings aside and of course the fear of offering candidates who might make a difference in your life and make things a smidgen tougher for the elites who continue to win the economic spoils) as further exposes were offered.

According to buzzfeedfour women have accused Trump of barging in on Miss Teen USA contestants, some as young as 15, while they were changing clothes in a dressing room, with some of the women barely dressed. 

Yet to be understood is if Donald Trump intends to also sue buzzfeed as the Clinton mud slinging club wearily watches along, presumably relieved that they are now clear to take their rightful place at the throne and continue doling out their benefactor’s policies that will continue to see the stripping of civil liberties, economic plundering and the brave new world we are told is ours for the waiting….

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  • Thinks4Herself

    No, he admitted it. He also has pending law suits. His Trump Foundation was ordered to cease and desist. He’s in trouble for racketeering for Trump U. The guy is a criminal, a thug, a pervert. By the way, Ms. Harth came forward in the 1990s. That was a brave thing to do considering victims have to go up against a so-called billionaire who sues every chance he gets – 3500 lawsuits. What happened to ethics and morals, and why are you defending him? By the way, he’s plunging in the polls and Hillary is turning red states blue now. There’s a reason for this – the man is unfit to be President.

  • Thinks4Herself

    You aren’t researching then because there is a LOT of info and Ms. Harth made accusations back in the 1990s. Another victim came out much earlier, too. He has a pending hearing for rape of a child. Not only that, but he opened his mouth and made the statements of his own free accord. If you want to stick your head in the sand, then so be it, but this woman is voting for Hillary Clinton and not for a vulgar creeper who has not only harmed women but also most of the contractors who got screwed out of their pay by him. He also hired illegal immigrants to build Trump Tower. Are you okay with that, too? Did you know he bought his steel from China? Are you okay that he took money from his charity to buy portraits of himself? Who does that? He also screwed people out of their money with that phony “university” of his! Again, who does that to other people? Would you do that? The list goes on and on. Not to mention that he knows virtually NOTHING about domestic or international affairs. Yes, let’s vote in an incompetent person for the most serious job in the land! Good grief!

  • Thinks4Herself

    If a neighbor came over to you and told you that he groped a child and then the child came over and told you he was groped, who would you believe? The vulgar statements came out of Trump’s own mouth. He also told Howard Stearn that he enjoyed walking in on naked women, including teenagers! Get real! Besides that, there’s a pending hearing (Dec. 2016) for rape of a 13-year-old girl. Trump is a pervert, and women are dumping him in droves.

  • Bershawn300

    You expect me to believe that every.last.woman. just felt completely overwhelmed by Trump’s powerful position in society, and so now, just suddenly decided to “come forward” three weeks before the election?


    I am a sexual assault victim myself and even I find this is beyond preposterous. I’m not saying sexual assault doesn’t happen – I know it does. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible that Trump could have indeed behaved aggressively towards women in his career. I am well aware that crappy things happen and some people are predators.

    But even I find the idea that four or five women in October of 2016 just “all of a sudden” came forward without making a peep prior is very, very outlandish.

    The fact that you can’t see this, and that you seem to call people names who find the circumstances and timing of these accusations suspect tells me everything I need to know here.

  • Many if not MOST of these allegations are proving to be false. The demarcates are building a house of cards.

  • robertcowell

    This news from this morning, where a professor verifies the account of one of the victims ought to give you a clue (fear of a rich, litigious, power man) as to why these women didn’t come forward until AFTER TRUMP DENIED groping the women. His admission in the form of bragging clearly states he groped women and when he was caught, he lied to Anderson Cooper during the debate. These women felt it was their duty to come forward even though by doing so they knew scumbags like you would call them liars.

    “A Canadian journalist and professor is backing up People magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff’s claim that Donald Trump aggressively forced himself on her during a 2005 interview.

    The professor, Paul McLaughlin, said Stoynoff, a former student of his, called him after the incident and they discussed how to deal with it.

    “She didn’t know what to do, she was very conflicted, she was angry, she was really confused about how to deal with this,” McLaughlin told CBC News.

    After consulting with McLaughlin, Stoynoff decided that coming forward about Trump’s inappropriate advances would just be too risky after their conversation, according to McLaughlin.”

    “It was going to be a he said, she said,” McLaughlin told CBC News. “And we were talking about one of the most influential people in North America at the time. He was just flying high with ‘The Apprentice,’ he was aggressive, he was litigious.”

    Why would someone brag about groping women? When it was stated that he was a sexual predator on the Howard Stern show he agreed. How much evidence do stupid people like you need?

  • Bershawn300

    This is how stupid you are. Trump did not ‘admit’ he groped women. He joked around about what he *could* get away with if he wanted to. He did not say that he *did* those things, only that he *could* if he wanted to.

    THe entire thing is set up by the media, because no sooner did Anderson Cooper ask him about this, than the media trotted out a long “list” of so-called “victims”, some of whom claim the issue happened 35 years ago, “but they never decided to come forward until now”.


    I’m all for supporting a true victim, but if you wait until two weeks before a major election and have never said anything in 35 years…I’m calling that suspect.

    To question the timing of this is not stupid, it’s smart!

  • robertcowell

    This is how stupid you are. Trump admitted he groped woman in a tape for all to hear in his conversation with Billy Bush and on the Howard Stern show. He’s made many hundreds of statements that degrade woman, on the Howard Stern show alone. Yet when woman who were groped by him come out with their stories you believe him and not these woman. Do you have any idea how much these victims of Trump didn’t want to do this? They have set themselves up for being attacked by vicious Trump voters and right wing media. Lou Dobbs has given their home address and phone numbers out to the public and yet these are strong woman who should be commended for standing up for truth and not called liars by jerks like you.

  • Bershawn300

    These accusations all coming “out” right before the election have the smell of a load of crap.

    I am a female and I am voting for Trump!

  • EdCoulter

    The timing is to be expected. They are coming forward with the allegations only after recordings were aired of Trump having claimed to have barged into the dressing room on Howard Stern’s show, and Trump having claimed to have groped women without consent. If those recordings hadn’t been made public, Trump would have sued the victims.