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Is Danney Williams Bill Clinton’s love child?

Danney Williams
Danney Williams
Pictured Danney Williams and his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams who reckons Bill Clinton is her son’s father.

Is Danney Williams Bill Clinton’s love child? What’s led to the Drudge report bringing out a story that the pair are related when it previously debunked the claim?

A story previously put to rest over a decade ago has resurfaced courtesy of the Drudge Report which is claiming 30 year old Arkansas man, Danney Williams is the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton. A claim that the outlet had once helped debunk.

The story comes after Williams had claimed for over 15 years that he was the result of an affair between his mother, Bobbie Ann Williamsa then prostitute living in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the early 1980’s and former President Bill Clinton.

While Danney Williams’ claim has been known long, veracity of the claim has being gathering interest courtesy of right wing media eyeing Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary’s potential ascent to her own presidency.

Danney Williams

Enter the Drudge Report which has spared little (or perhaps cynically sought to engage conspiracy theory) in re- inflaming speculation as it lends its name to claims that Danney Williams is indeed the illicit love child of Bill Clinton by linking to Williams’ Twitter page along to a video (see below) of Donald Trump dubious adviser Roger Stone attesting to such claims.

Perhaps none coincidentally, the report has gone viral, a new favorite among right-wing sites (Glenn Beck went to bat back in April) and conspiracy theory blogs.

In previous claims, starting in 1992, when a then-Arkansas Gov Clinton was gearing up to run for president, Bobbie Ann Williams’ appeared almost out of nowhere to claim that the then presidential contender had fathered an illegitimate son.

In previous claims, starting in 1992, when a then-Arkansas Gov Clinton was gearing up to run for president, Bobbie Ann Williams’ appeared almost out of nowhere to claim that the then presidential contender had fathered an illegitimate son.

At the time the woman claimed via the Boston Globe, Clinton having gone out for a run one day when he jogged by her Little Rock housing project and introduced himself to her.

A few days later, Clinton allegedly jogged by the housing project again and paid the then 24 year old woman $200 for her to have sex with him behind some bushes.

After that, Bobbie says that she and Clinton regularly had sex, sometimes alone, sometimes with other female partners.

Eventually, Bobbie became pregnant with the woman suspecting that it was Clinton’s child.

But when she told the governor, he allegedly laughed in her face.

‘He rubbed my big belly and said, “Girl, that can’t be my baby.” But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his child.‘ Bobbie told The Globe. 

Danney Williams

Yet by the time she gave birth to a baby boy on December 7, 1985, the woman became even more certain the child’s father was that of Bill Clinton on account of her new born’s skin tone being so light. Bobbie went on to say her son could only be Clinton’s because he was her only white client at the time she got pregnant.

Shortly after giving birth though, according to a report via the dailymail, Bobbie was imprisoned, and her sister Lucille Bolton started taking care of the young boy. Bolton is said to be the first person who tried to force the governor to take a DNA test, and reportedly spoke about the matter with Hillary herself.

It wasn’t too long there after that the governor’s office began shutting out the woman until a local activist took up the cause and started pushing the idea that Bill Clinton was the father of an illegitimate son.

The story was picked up again in 1999, when the Drudge Report ran a story claiming that Star magazine had conducted a paternity test using the DNA analysis from the Kenneth Starr impeachment report, and samples from Danney and Bobbie.

The analysis reportedly found that Danney and Clinton couldn’t be related, nevertheless questions persisted regarding the test’s precision.

At the time, conjecture claimed it would be impossible to determine whether Clinton was William Danney’s father with the ‘imprecise’ data.  A report in 1999 courtesy of the WashingtonPost took exception to why a story which had been previously debunked was suddenly making the rounds again and to what degree political brinkmanship was in play?

Danney Williams

In 2013, Danney gave an interview with The Globe, explaining his reasoning for wanting to meet Clinton.

‘I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies,’ Williams said. ‘I just want to shake his hand and say “Hi Dad,” before he dies. I’d like to have a relationship with Chelsea, too. She’s my half-sister.’ 

Notes Danney’s Facebook page: ‘My name is Danney Lee Williams, I’m the son of the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton.’

Which brings us back to the awkward question why has Matt Drudge lent he’s name to a story he had previously debunked and is there anything more than Danney Williams simply wishing to meet his long lost half sister and of course long lost daddy, Bill Clinton?

Danney Williams
Danney Williams

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  • Amberteka

    Why does Clinton not submit a DNA test and have it tested by reputable lab? I remember the case. The STAR is a movie magazine. Leans for left. Loves Hillary. Loves Obama. Hates Trump and writes ugly things about him. I don’t buy it or People magazine anymore for those reasons.

    It is a pathetic case. The man looks like Clinton coughed him up. TAKE the D*** test. Clinton catted around enough to father 30 kids. And maybe he is not sterile as he put out……………….The kid owes that. WOULD THINK THE CLINTONS COULD PUT IT TO REST QUICK.


  • Robert_Morrow

    In 1999 idiot Howard Kurtz of WashPost took Star disinfo story as gospel. TIME. TIME, LA Times also picked it up. AIM also fooled. THE REALITY IS THERE WAS NO DNA TEST DONE ON DANNEY WILLIAMS AND THE STAR MAGAZINE WAS OWNED BY CLINTON FRIEND ROGER ALTMAN AND WAS PLANTING DISINFORMATION ON A NON-EXISTENT DNA TEST. To cover for Hillary as she ran for Senate in 2000.

  • Robert_Morrow

    Roger Altman, the owner of the Star in 1999, was a 30 year friend of Bill Clinton and willing to plant disinformation in tabloid to kill the Danney Williams story in 1999 so Hillary could run for Senate. Roger Altman – 1999 Star owner – BFF with
    Bill Clinton since 1965 college http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/1997-06-22/roger-altman-hits-the-street-running

  • Robert_Morrow

    1999 Star Mag ran a phony story on DNA test of Danney Williams. IT NEVER HAPPENED!! 1999 Star owner was Roger Altman, friends with
    Bill Clinton since 1965 college http://www.nytimes.com/1999/02/17/business/investment-group-buys-the-national-enquirer-and-star-magazine.html

  • Robert_Morrow