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Monica Riley 700 pounds: ‘I won’t stop eating until I’m the world’s fattest woman’

Monica Riley
PIctured, Monica Riley and boyfriend, Sid Riley. Images via instagram and screen shots.
Monica Riley
PIctured, Monica Riley and boyfriend, Sid Riley. Images via instagram and screen shots.

Monica Riley world’s fattest woman aspirant is willing to risk imminent health crises and even death. But why? 

Monica Riley a 27 year Fort WorthTexan model who already weighs a staggering 700 pounds has told of her plans to continue eating until she is the world’s fattest woman.

Documenting her ascent on ‘Big Beautiful women’, and bonanza.bigcuties.com, Riley insists she intends to keep piling on the pounds until she’s immobile.

Getting there isn’t a single handed task, with Riley lapping thanks to her ‘devoted’ boyfriend, Sid Riley who makes sure there’s always enough to eat. Food which Sid carefully prepares and cooks for her, even if it literally means funneling it down Monica’s throat. Indeed.

And when she’s full, Sid confesses rolling his bountiful girlfriend over while Monica’s 91 inch stomach has a moment to digest.

Monica Riley’s retinue according to Barcroft TV includes gorging/snacking on over 8000 calories daily, with Sid volunteering to wash and help his moribund girlfriend about.

Explains Monica: ‘The plan is to reach 1,000 pounds and become immobile. I would feel like a queen because Sid would be waiting on me hand and foot and he’s excited about it too.

“It’s a sexual fantasy for us and we talk about it a lot. He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed.

“If I lay down after a big dinner he has to help me roll over because my belly is too full for me to roll — it’s a big turn-on for both of us.’

According to Monica, she’s been overweight her entire life, but only embraced her figure two years ago, after pulling out of a weight-loss operation at the last minute.

Having met her current boyfriend online four months ago, Monica Riley gushes about having since gained 4 stone (56 pounds), while conceding ‘feeling sexier than ever’.

A typical day according to The Daily Mail sees Monica downing six biscuits, six sausages in a bread roll, a big bowl of sugary cereal, two weight gain shakes, four McChicken sandwiches, four double cheeseburgers, large French fries, 30 chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, Taco Bell and a gallon of ice cream.

Told Monica: ‘The bigger I get, the sexier I feel. I love my big soft belly and stuffing myself with food really turns me on.

‘Sid loves to cook for me and hand-feed me and I’ve achieved so much since we got together. He feeds me around the clock and I never have to get up to do anything.’

That of course hasn’t stopped punters wondering whether boyfriend Sid has gone too far in abetting his girlfriend to a sure fire recipe to eventual sickness and death.

Monica Riley

While saying he loves Monica’s enormous figure, Sid claims he’d stop feeding her if she decided she wanted to lose weight.

Explains Sid: ‘There is a misconception that feederism and immobility is about control. I love her and I love doing things for her — caring for her would be a dream come true.’

Special focus is given to feeding Monica milkshakes to help her gain weight, with the ever caring Sid carefully sloshing milkshake down a funnel.

Explains Monica Riley in what some may suspect has a tinge of sexual deviation:  ‘The funnel feeding is what I really look forward to. I find it to be a very sexual experience and I know Sid likes it too,’

‘I have 20,000 online fans and they love to watch the funnel feeding — it’s a big hit.’

Monica Riley

But it gets better.

Monica wants to also have a baby, which she plans to raise from her fat-bed.

Told Monica: ‘We do plan to have children — there’s nothing to stop me raising a child from my bedroom.

‘We would get a nanny in to help around the house and take the baby out and about.

‘There’s nothing to stop us raising a child. Some people might think it’s selfish but I’m confident we would be good parents.’

Monica’s mom, Teri, is just one of the people who have warned that her eating obsession could kill her, but that hasn’t stopped Monica from wanting to gain even more weight. Along with Sid.

Explains Monica Riley matter of fact: ‘I could get hit by a car tomorrow and my life would be over. At least if I die this way, I will have lived out the life I wanted and fulfilled all of my dreams.’

What do you think is Monica on a suicide mission? Or is she just willing to accept herself even if it means killing herself until she one day finally loves herself ….?

Images via instagram: purplewings919

Monica Riley

Monica Riley

Monica Riley

Monica Riley
Monica Riley; ‘Why decline …’