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The Growing Demand for His and Hers Engagement and Wedding Rings

vhis and Hers Engagement Wedding Rings
his and Hers Engagement Wedding Rings
His and Hers Engagement Wedding Rings are now becoming popular choices.

How his and Hers Engagement Wedding Rings are in vogue and the myriad of choices and trends as now men take to receiving engagement rings too.

With the number of nations that have legalized same-sex marriage continuing to grow, the marketplace has seen a corresponding rise in growth for demand of men’s engagement rings.

Last July saw the United Kingdom become the fifteenth country whose legislature passed a bill expanding the freedom of marriage to all couples, regardless of gender.

These same-sex marriages aren’t going to start until January of next year, but that still leaves couples the freedom to make things official, with one partner going to a knee to propose to the other. This can prove a little complicated for men proposing to men, especially in terms of figuring out what the suitable engagement ring should be. However, wedding rings set with diamonds are often chosen as the right idea.

Meeting the Marketplace Needs for Men’s Engagement Rings

Retailers of fine jewellery across all nations with legalized same-sex marriage are seeing the need for more men’s engagement rings. In most cases, this market trend is being met with the existing supply of diamond-set men’s wedding rings, as these are often cross-marketed as retailers now target men proposing to other men.

Diamond-set bands are designs that are simultaneously streamlined yet still gorgeous, so engaged couples get to enjoy the sparkling brilliance of diamonds just as much as they would from a diamond ring used in traditional engagements.

Since there has been a rise in matching wedding rings popularity among the heterosexual married market segment, his and his choices are also expected to grow in the near future. Look out for matching diamond-set bands as well as diamond-set engagement rings for men combined with plain wedding bands.

his and Hers Engagement Wedding Rings


What’s Trending Currently?

Platinum is proving to be the top choice for the band material of men’s engagement rings. This particular precious metal is rare and a luxury item, but it also lasts for a very long time and under heavy use. Many men are looking for engagement rings that have a lone diamond in the middle.

Smooth profiles with the diamond getting a flushing setting into the banding are also popular. Some varieties of three-stone bands are seeing a resurgence, as many men choose a distinct look of a diamond trio getting set vertically. Another choice growing in popularity are mixed-finish bands; these often juxtapose brushed metal detailing with a high-polish finish for a poignant visual statement.
Wedding ring trends change regularly and the increase in these sorts of bands is not unknown and in fact well due. So, now you know, use it to inform your own purchases.

his and Hers Engagement Wedding Rings