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Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop: ‘My husband left me after I became a stripper’

Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop

Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop

Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop rise as a stripper and glamor model despite strife and drama at home as her policeman husband now walks out on her.

Nidia Garcia a Mexican cop who achieved world fame after a topless selfie she took while on the beat has told of her marriage collapsing under the strain of her new fandom.

The marriage breakdown comes after the former police officer was put on suspended leave after news of the faux pas, leading to her soon resigning and turning to stripping work as her fame sky rocketed.

The fissure has since led to the woman’s policeman husband with whom she has two young children with walking out on her after taking exception upon discovering that the topless selfie she’d taken wasn’t meant for him but a co worker.

Conceded Nidia Garcia via the dailymail after taking the snap with her open police uniform while holding on to her police issued gun: The photo wasn’t taken for my husband. And he was so disgusted that I had been capable of letting another man take such photos that he left the house,’

Adding: ‘I told him that if he wanted to leave, then he should go. Now, as I am beginning to perform as a stripper, he is pretending none of it is going on.’

Reiterates Nidia who has taken to her new career with aplomb: ‘My husband is ignoring the fact that I’m now a stripper. The whole scandal has been extremely hard on him, since he has to listen to his colleagues laugh about me and make fun of him.’

‘I just want to put it behind us and start again. But these things are impossible to forget.’

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The now aspiring model who has since become a contender for local ‘glamor’ jobs along with her new bout of stripping work also conceded that her now famous topless photo being taken by her male patrol partner during a ‘funny game’ the pair were playing.

‘My patrol partner is like a brother to me. I’m not having an affair with him, or anyone else, we simply took the photos as a laugh,’ she insisted.

According to a report via the sun, Nidia claims the photos only emerged publicly when she lost her phone and was blackmailed by a mystery man she believes works in her police.

The man contacted her demanding she sleep with him or he’d leak the topless image.

When she refused to do so the photo appeared online.

In a Facebook confession after the photo went viral, Nidia Garcia admitted to posing for the snap – but denied uploading it onto social media.

That according to her Nidia’s talent agent manager, Mario Rodriguez, is all water under the bridge.

Now a bona fide stripper, with a widely followed social media following, Nidia is fully booked until the start of September, with Mario having already secured his new client work gigs where she will be spending the coming months touring Mexico’s top strip clubs.

‘We’ll be across the country, from Oaxaca to Tijuana,’ said Mario, who has put his other clients on hold in order to make the most of Nidia’s fame, who these days gets paid up to $700 for each show she puts on.

Adds the manager: ‘We’ll be looking to work in the United States too if things go well. We’re going to make as much money out of this sensation as possible.’ 

Responds Nidia: ‘What was one of the most traumatic experiences has turned into a life-changing opportunity. I’m going to get my head down and work.’

Since her confession, Nidia has taken to her new fame, gladly signing up for lucrative endorsements, including other topless work, and the chance to make in an evening’s work what used to take her much longer as a police officer. Presumably all to her husband’s chagrin…

Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop

Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop

Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop

Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop

Nidia Garcia topless selfie cop