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Luke Williams ice addict: I masturbated for 16 hours

Luke Williams ice addict
Luke Williams ice addict
Pictured, Luke Williams.

Luke Williams ice addict: How one author navigates the world of ice addiction as he struggles to come to terms with his own psychosis and the effect the drug has over him.

Australian journalist and former drug addict (revived) has found himself on the receiving end of some pretty dour feedback after deciding to move into a ice drug den home to see how the misbegotten get to live. Only to find out that he himself is hardly faring any better after soon becoming a full blown crystal meth addict himself. But what did he expect? But maybe, that’s what he secretly wanted …?

In a self described memoir from his recently published book, ‘The Ice Age,’ (at least the ice fostered some kind of productivity…) Luke Williams eerily describes his descent into psychosis and the alternate fantasy sexual world (starring himself and his imagined subjects) in which he spends most of the day inhabiting.

My Adventures with a Crystal Meth Addict.

In what the author describes as the vortex, an irresistible force, Luke Williams ice addict gives us the lowdown of the psychosis and deep paranoia that soon takes hold of him, three months in after moving into a Melbourne home for two recovering ice addict friends whom he sought to ‘research’ (except for the fact that it’s too easy to be found): I call this state the Vortex: powerful, self-perpetuating, highly graphic, highly detailed, highly imaginative, rolling-stream images and ideas that flow in your mind whether you like it or not.’

Reflects the author in another compelling passage: ‘…the vortex is a highly individualized and usually compulsive experience; fantasies rage through your head without the slightest bit of effort — but often these fantasies are not about yourself, your fears, or your desires, although they can be.’

But with feelings of sexual euphoria, and the moral dilemma that such fantasies present, comes the heavy down, the deep neurosis, the panic of being found out, and the self loathing and the state of psychosis that makes its way not too long after.

Comments the dailymail: After what seemed like an hour, Mr Williams left his room and realized he had been masturbating for over sixteen hours, proving to him that his vivid, dream-like psychosis started to take hold of his life.

He then tried to decrease his dosages and focus on using the drug to heighten his creativity, which at some times made him feel invisible or extraordinarily talented and others resulted in paranoia or invasive feelings of others judging him.

Luke Williams ice addict

The bout comes after Luke Williams having been a full blown drug user at age 17 and soon there after going into rehab only to years later revisit that part of himself that he may have once thought he was able to walk away from.

The book highlights the stinging dependency of many Australians and Westerners who have succumbed to ice addiction as well as with the theme of addiction itself which despite the common folklore which states it to be a moral failing of one’s own character is so often entwined in one’s own chemical, psychological dependency which rightly falls under the ambit of disease.

A disease that many will never come to succumb to, but an affliction that inevitably leads to many gravitating to and unable to walk away. An affliction that perhaps Luke Williams was this time able to walk away from, for now, but one that can any moment reclaim any one of us who are predisposed to such lurid worlds.

And then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder, see what you think?

He knew what he was doing if he’d been in rehab. Every form of speed makes your brain work at its best at first, before it starts to drag you down. He plowed through his book writing and then used the subject and his ‘accidental’ downfall to promote it. Both smart and stupid at the same time. Glad he survived but I don’t think he has anything worthwhile or fresh to say about using either. We all know already, and he may be actually encouraging naive light drug users that are self destructive with his wild stories.

He wanted to justify his choice to take drugs by saying it was ‘research’, I guess that is why it is called denial.

It’s not a disease (as they like to call it here in America) because the first time you take drugs you make a choice. Diabetes, seizures and Cancer are diseases…and no one ever chooses to get them. Alcohol and drugs always start with a choice.

Luke Williams ice addict