Home Scandal and Gossip Kaylyn Huval teacher pleads guilty to sex with 15 year old boy

Kaylyn Huval teacher pleads guilty to sex with 15 year old boy

Kaylyn Huval
Kaylyn Huval
Pictured Kaylyn Huval via social media.

Kaylyn Huval: What led to a junior high school teacher sexually preying on a 15 year old boy? Victim has outstanding lawsuit against school district.

Kaylyn Huval a 28 year old  former junior high school teacher from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana has pled guilty to having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy, according to St. Martin Parish prosecutors.

A report via KATC-TV quoted Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars saying Kaylyn Huval pleaded guilty to one count of carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

The concession comes after the woman was teaching at Cecilia Junior High when she allegedly became physically involved with the 15-year-old boy. Huval was arrested in March 2015. During investigations the youth told that the sex was done with consent.

The television stations reports that she was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but that was suspended and she was given five years of supervised probation.

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Cedars told as part of her punishment, Kaylyn Huval must get sex offender counseling, not be allowed to be around any juveniles other than family members along with having to pay court costs plus a fine of $2,500. The woman must also now register as a sex offender, and cannot teach again.

Of question is what motivated the teacher to abuse her position of trust and authority and usurp subordinate control over the younger man? Unless as some have come to wonder, that in part was the thrill and desire of the teacher’s predatory behavior?

The teacher’s punishment comes according to a report via nola after the mother of the teen victim filed a lawsuit against the school system alleging that the sexual contact caused her son to suffer mental and emotional problems.

The lawsuit claims Huval ‘would create situations and scenarios in which she would keep the minor student in the classroom after the other students in the class were dismissed’ for ‘sexual activity which included … acts of touching, kissing, hugging, all the way up to acts of oral and sexual intercourse.’

Not necessarily understood is the extent of the emotional and psychological damage incurred by the victim, whose name was not released to the media during proceedings, as commentators on the web criticized the child for reporting the ‘hot’ teacher.

Kaylyn Huval

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