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Why? Jakob Wagner targets Wisconsin Antigo school prom. 2 injured, shooter killed

Jakob Wagner
Pictured Jakob Wagner
Jakob Wagner
Pictured Jakob Wagner

What led to Jakob Wagner a 2015 Antigo Wisconsin school graduate targeting his former school on prom night? Two injured, shooter killed.

A community is trying to understand what led to 18 year old youth, Jakob Wagner targeting a prom at Antigo High School in northern Wisconsin, Saturday night.

The incident led to the former student injuring two and later dying of his injuries in hospital. The injured students are expected to survive.

A press release issued by the city of Antigo police told of the shooting occurring circa 11pm whilst the school prom was being held.

Told the press release: ‘Two students who were attending prom festivities were shot as they exited the building,’

‘City of Antigo Officers who were patrolling the parking area heard shots fired, and one of those officers was able to fire upon the shooter stopping the threat to additional attendees. The officer’s immediate response prevented further injuries and possible casualties.’

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With officers who’d been specifically mandated for the prom able to immediately bring down the shooter, Jakob Wagner was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead at 1am as a result of injuries sustained after officers retaliated.

At the time of the shooting, officers told that Jakob Wagner using a rifle. Of question is if the former student intended to make his way into the prom and whether he had particular targets in mind?

Initially at the time of the shooting, authorities put the prom on lockdown as they sought to determine the whereabouts of the shooter, and the extent of the attack, later determining it was the result of a lone shooter.

Told Police Chief Eric Roller: ‘All the people within the prom were eventually escorted from the school and are safe.’

The shooting came on an evening where up to 100-200 attendees had eagerly anticipated the event, with one parent, Sonia Reed telling WSAW-TV: “I didn’t see anything suspicious. I didn’t feel any bad vibes. It seemed like it was going to be a normal prom,”

In the aftermath of the shooting, police said Jakob Wagner had graduated from Antigo High school in 2015.

A regard of the former student’s Facebook page shows Wagner being on the high school’s marching band.

A post on instagram in October showed the teen marching in the high school’s homecoming with the band, despite graduating in the spring.

Reads a motto on the school’s facebook page: ‘Leaders of Tomorrow Created Here Today.’

Told a statement by the school released Sunday afternoon: An  individual armed with a rifle wounded two students as they exited the school. Because we had pre‐ arranged to have a police presence, an officer nearby immediately intervened.

The shooter never gained access to the building. A police investigation is continuing, and details of the incident cannot be  released until that is complete. All prom attendees are safe, thanks to the quick police response and their securing the building.

Asked to comment on what may have motivated Jakob Wagner, police said that they had yet to understand what compelled the former student.

Told cops in a statement: ‘The initial investigation and officer response indicate this was a lone shooter and a search warrant is being executed at his residence seeking any additional information pertaining to this incident.’

Jakob Wagner
Pictured Jakob Wagner via instagram.

Saturday night’s shooting in Antigo in Langdale County came as a dramatic departure from the normally quaint workings of the small town with a population of about 8200 residents.

Sonia Reed, whose son was at the prom, told CNN of everyone in the community knowing each other, while offering she didn’t expect something like this to happen there.

Told the disconcerted parent: ‘I have two other children that’s in the high school, and they don’t want to go back, period,’

‘They’re just beyond freaking out here.’

Reinhardt Balcerzak, a retired Antigo High School teacher and current councilman, said the shooting hasn’t sunk in yet.

‘It just takes one or two that are angry about something,’ Balcerzak told the Wausa Daily Herald.

‘It’s too bad that’s going to be the memory for those kids. I feel bad that’s their last prom. I feel bad for the ones who were shot and their parents.’

Jakob Wagner
Antigo school as pictured by Jakob Wagner on his facebook page.

Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner