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Did Heather Cole Hulk Hogan sex tape partner know she was being filmed?

Heather Cole
Did Heather Cole know that her then husband was filming her tryst with Hulk Hogan and did she conspire with Clem to then leak said tryst to the public through Gawker?
Heather Cole
Did Heather Cole know that her then husband was filming her tryst with Hulk Hogan and did she conspire with Clem to then leak said tryst to the public through Gawker?

Did Heather Cole know from the start what was going on? How does one actor’s complicit knowledge and participation in a tape affect Gawker Media’s culpability? 

As pundits continue to weigh in whether Gawker media should be on the hook for playing an edited version of a salacious video session between wrestling collective hero, Hulk Hogan and his former best friend, radio shock jock, Bubba the Love Sponge Clem‘s then wife, Heather Cole, questions have been raised to what degree Clem and Cole may have been in on the whole thing from the start?

Which is to wonder to what degree should Gawker media be culpable if Heather Cole or Clem (or both?) orchestrated the tape before then leaking the tryst to the media?

Can one really blame the media in that instance in choosing to showcase a public figure’s behind the scene’s activity, even if one of the participants chooses to keep quiet, deny, deflect or insist they too were violated?

Of particular question are claims that Heather Cole made in court on Wednesday when the hot 41 year old action bunny insisted she had no knowledge that her husband was at the time filming the tryst. Do you suppose?

What one has to be in bear in mind, is that the tryst (one of three-four between Cole and Hulk Hogan) took place at the then married couple’s bedroom. What one also has to keep in mind is that the pair had an open relationship, so open that Clem enjoyed getting off on watching (and filming) his then wife getting it on with others. Knowledge that Heather Cole was all too cognizant of the evening she decided to have Hogan over (at Clem’s insistence).

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Heather Cole.
Why decline?

Yet here’s where things get very tricky and you have to wonder why?

First of all, let’s back up to an earlier deposition, in which Cole told Florida cops in November that Clem insisted the interlude be filmed. This despite Heather Cole telling (tears and all) on Wednesday how the filming happened without her knowledge and that she, like Hulk Hogan was a victim and just wanted the whole thing to go away.

Pause. Collective expunging of tears. Sideways glance at Gawker CEO, Nick Denton. Sideways glance at Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) also sitting in court.

Keep in mind, Clem is not testifying at the trial, invoking his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself. While Hogan and Clem have already settled out of court for $5,000. Keep in mind, Bubba Clem could be heard on the full tape saying that if he ever wanted to retire, he simply needed to release the video.

Notes a report via the nypost: “She stated that [Bubba the Love Sponge Clem] insisted on it being videoed,” cops wrote in a November report, describing an interview with shock jock Clem’s ex-wife, Heather Cole, 41.

“I asked Cole if [Hogan] knew he was being recorded, and she said no,” the report reads.

“I told Cole that in the videos it appears as though she is positioning [Hogan] for the camera. She said she did that because that is what Bubba wanted. Cole said Bubba could be very controlling.”

How the tape along with other tapes came to be leaked and sent to Gawker Media remains the $69 million dollar question. Which is to wonder what did Clem stand to gain by having his wife and his best friend turn up in the buff performing for the world if he had leaked the tape and better still who did Gawker Media most likely believe leaked the tape when it arrived in their in box?

Which is to wonder wasn’t Gawker doing what it was suppose to be doing and ostensibly set up to do, play the yummies for the world to rejoice, only later thinking to itself that perhaps just maybe Hulk Hogan had nothing to do with this and that in all likelihood he was set up by his former best friend and lousy lover? Something that Gawker Media would almost pay an arm and a leg to prove to a court room if it only could ….