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Is Eileen Kelly promoting pedophilia?

Eileen Kelly
Eileen Kelly
Is one 20 year old instagram star, Eileen Kelly parlaying artistic expression or selling her sexuality, even suggestions of forbidden fruits? Via instagram.

20 year old New York based instagram star Eileen Kelly has found herself attracting a lot of attention recently as her social media following continues to exponentially grow (218K and rising) as pundits wonder what it is exactly that she is promoting as the Seattle born native continues to post ever more provocative images on the web.

Read the headline of a recent nypost article which Eileen Kelly took exception to: ‘I fuel fantasies of men who want sex with young girls, and I’m fine with it.’

In a piece on her blog, Killer and a Sweet Thang, Kelly took exception to what she deemed the tabloid’s false portrayal of her, in which she told of the feature ‘shaming young provocative women,’ while highlighting the  point that her fearless artistic expression is the empowerment that young women need today.

Posted the 20 year old unabashedly on her blog: Little did I know, and naively so, that they would entirely twist my words in order to create an attention drawing article that held little to no truth.’

In the nypost feature which the self admitted seductress has taken offense to, Eileen Kelly described herself as possessing soft baby like features, which have led her to being compared to a child like Lolita character (the subject of a ten-twelve year old girl the fantasy of a middle aged man as written by Vladimir Nabokov) while exhibiting the seductive and sexual allure of a seasoned woman, ‘I can’t help that I’m 20 years old and I have a young face, I’m not gonna feel bad about it.’

Rather than feel ‘bad’ about it, Kelly has in fact chosen to feel very good about it as she carefully positions her sexuality (does sexual liberty equate to artistic expression?) in a market place where getting an avalanche of social media followers in the current day and age offers a flotilla of directly paid and indirectly paid benefits.

Notes the nypost:her Instagram has landed Kelly a modeling gig for VFiles, a free trip to Art Basel Miami (she flew private), a shopping spree at Kitsuné’s Paris boutique and a falling-out with former BFF and Jaden Smith’s girlfriend Sarah Snyder.

Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly

Nevertheless asked if she herself regards herself as a kind of Lolita who has set off possible dark overtones and fueled the fantasies of older men who might seek sexual affiliation with the young woman and what she represents, that of a child like figure, Kelly is careful to adamantly deny such suggestions. Arguing that she does not understand how anyone could equate her with a Lolita character (isn’t that in many respects part of her allure to a large quotient of followers, or is she just pretending to play dumb?) or that she makes no effort to parlay such character overtones. Never mind the fact that the woman is a dead ringer for a prepubescent teen, something that Kelly must be all too aware of as she continues to play off on the attention and of course profit from it.

Noted Kelly in the nypost: As for the haters, they’re just adding to her success.

“A million people probably write on my photos, ‘She’s slutty’ or something. And I’m like, ‘Cool, call me slutty,’ ” says Kelly.

“You’re still looking at my page.”

In the interim, Kelly is looking to mastermind a platform that will further take advantage of her looks and social media following. Which is to wonder, don’t hate the girl or the performers, hate the medium itself if that is what offends you….

What do you think? Is Eileen Kelly selling sex, the suggestion of sex or just herself, even if that image of herself happens to be an overtly sexualized one. Which of course raises the question, does a woman really retain any value in society unless she is attractive and showcasing her sexuality and appearances?

Eileen Kelly

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