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NSFW: Angelic Isabella Valle, KetchUp girl arrested dancing smeared naked

Angelic Isabella Valle, KetchUp girl
Angelic Isabella Valle is also a preferred hawt bixch ….

Going viral is the dancing visage of since coined, KetchUp girl, Angelic Isabella Valle who was filmed (see below) stripping naked and smearing ketchup all over her body in front of stunned diners at Miami Beach franchise restaurant, Johnny Rockets.

The impromptu performance on October 9th led to the 23 South Florida Valle being charged with incitement to riot, indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct.

At one point during Valle’s ‘performance’, she is filmed simulating a sex act with a steel chair’s leg inserted into her buttocks before climbing onto a table and spreading her legs.

Appearing in court on Friday after her arrest on Thursday, the woman’s father told his daughter had ‘mental issues,’ and and had been Baker Acted several times in the past month.

Valle’s ‘performance’ caught on video, and posted on World Star Hip Hop nine days later, captures Valle taking her cloths off as she’s surrounded by men in the middle of the busy restaurant. At one point one man is observed touching the woman’s genitals.

What inspired Valle’s impromptu performance is yet to be necessarily understood.

In the video, Valle aka the Ketchup girl is observed performing a provocative dance, before ending up nude on a table covered in water and ketchup (naturally) before being by asked by restaurant staff to leave.

Leaving the venue holding only a towel and two piece bathing suit, Valle was observed returning to retrieve her shoes and bag.

‘Lok me on instagram, twitter and Facebook’ our collective hero was heard saying as she walked away before arriving police could make an arrest.

The video since going viral has led to many commentators expressing disgust and contempt, both at the girl and the men baying at her, while others expressed mock wonder and kudos to the KetchUp girl.

Angelic Isabella Valle, KetchUp girl

Responding to her new fanfare, Valle on Thursday posted on her instagram account, ‘Ya’ll just mad ‘cause you weren’t there.’

Adding: ‘That s–t was fun now that I remember it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, arrest me, it was fun. Take me to jail. It was fun. And everybody looked like they were having fun too so yeah.’ 

But after police tracked her down and she realized that she was going to be arrested she posted another message on Instagram later that day: ‘I’m going to jail tonight remember me okay? I love all of you guys.’

Police are still investigating the incident and looking for one of the men seen touching her in the video. 

Angelic Isabella Valle, KetchUp girl

Angelic Isabella Valle, KetchUp girl

Angelic Isabella Valle, KetchUp girl




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