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Who murdered Zoe Hastings? Missing Texas teen found in crashed minivan

Zoe Hastings
How did Zoe Hastings, a popular Texas performing and visual arts graduate come to be murdered? Images via facebook.

Zoe Hastings a missing 18 year old girl who disappeared on her way to a church was found murdered in her crashed minivan, in Dallas, Texas, one day later near White Rock Lake.

According to a report via The Dallas Morning News, Hastings, a recent graduate of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts had  left home Sunday evening to attend a class at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yet after failing to show up, the girl’s family called cops to report her missing.

Why did Antonio Lamar Cochran murder Zoe Hastings?

Following a search, the teen was found the next morning after someone called 911 to report a white 2007 Honda Odyssey that had crashed into a creek not far from the church told a report via WFAA.

Dallas police said Hastings did not die in the crash, but instead died of ‘obvious homicidal violence.’ They are still searching for a suspect in her murder.

Of mystery is how the girl came to meet her end as authorities have declined to divulge her exact cause of death.

Zoe Hastings

A report via CBS Dallas-Fort Worth tells how Joe Noriega was driving his daughter to school when he was flagged down by a man saying a girl in the creek needed help.

Told Noriega: ”This young man waved us down and said a girl needed our help,’

‘She was on the white rock bed and when I saw the pool of blood … and the color of her skin, I could tell she had died.’

‘When I saw the scene I just knew it was foul play.’

Noriega called 911, but the man who flagged him down disappeared before police showed up.

Zoe Hastings

Offered longtime friend, Khelsey Tramaine Gamble via the nydailynews: ‘Me and my friend were just talking. We hoped she just ran away or did something crazy’

‘Two hours later he called me and told me they found her.’

Adding: ‘Zoe was just a wonderful person. That her life could be robbed, it hurts so bad,’

‘She was truly one of the most caring people in our entire class.’

A gofundme page to support the family, describes the slain teen as the oldest of five children, ‘with three little sisters and a brother who adored her. Zoe’s parents, Cheryl, a nurse, and Jim, a teacher, loved and adored their oldest child beyond words, and were so proud of her accomplishments.’ The page has already raised more than it’s alloted $2o 000.

At a press conference police said the girl’s death remains ‘an on-going and active investigation,’ and are hoping someone saw or knows what happened. Anyone with information is asked to call the Homicide division at is 214-671-3584 or Crime Stoppers at 214-373-TIPS.

Images via facebook

Zoe Hastings

Zoe Hastings
Zoe Hastings top right. Image via gofundme page. With siblings…

Zoe Hastings

Zoe Hastings

Zoe Hastings

Zoe Hastings

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