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Quinn Duane, jilted bride wedding $35K feast donated to Sacramento homeless

Quinn Duane
How one jilted bride, Quinn Duane, decided to face up to life’s disappointments with her chin up. Image via twitter.

Quinn Duane, 27,  a jilted bride has decided not to let her husband to be’s last minute backing out of their wedding date go to waste, after deciding to go ahead with the wedding reception by feeding Sacramento’s homeless. The tab, a mere $35 000.

The wedding reception had been set to feed up to 120 of the bride and the groom’s family and friends Saturday afternoon, at the luxury Citizen Hotel, but after the groom, Landon Borup, also 27, got cold feet with five days to go, Duane decided she’d go ahead with the wedding reception anyway.

New guests included a slew of less fortunate families with children from local shelters, who took advantage of the Duane family’s kindness.

Told, the bride’s mother, matriarch Kari Duane via KCRA-TV: ‘When I found out on Monday that the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed, like, of course this would be something that we would do to give back.’

Adding of her daughter who chose to stay home instead of joining in with Kari during Saturday night’s festivities: ‘I feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her, but I will take away something good from this.’

The reception was catered by the posh hotel’s four-star Grange restaurant, with yummies included salmon and steak as well as appetizers, salad and gnocchi.

Quinn Duane
Erika Craycraft

Among the thankful wedding feasts were newly invited, Erika Craycraft and her husband Rashad Abdullah along with their grateful five children.

‘I think it’s really generous to lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving,’ Craycraft told the TV station.

Added her husband, Rashad: ‘When you’re going through a hard time and a struggle, for you to get out to do something different with your family, it was really a blessing.’

While Quinn Duane may have missed out on her own wedding feast and celebrations, she is now scheduled to be taking off to Belize with her mother on non-refundable honeymoon tickets and reservations.

At present the groom to be has declined to respond to all media requests.

Quinn Duane

Quinn Duane
Quinn Duane’s parents, mother Kari and her husband.

Quinn Duane

Quinn Duane

Quinn Duane
Quinn Duane and her groom to be, Landon Borup, before canceling at the last minute.


  1. Go fry a chicken, Princess Vanessa. Ms. Craycraft is no lady but she is an entitlement queen. She’s far from underfed and I’d bet the house that her “husband” is not the father of all of her children. Get me her address and I’ll send her a bucket of neck bones and a watermelon for Christmas.

  2. Why are you such a jerk? Bubba? Perhaps your momma should have taught you that crude judgments say more about the person spouting off, than the lady you are talking about. You have NO IDEA what her life has been about.
    I’ve done a lot of volunteering with the homeless I can tell you some folks started off doing better than you are and fell into hard times (job loss, home foreclosure, death f spouse or child). Many folks on the streets are more educated than you might think.
    Okay, ignoring Mr, Classy…
    It was nice thing to do and I hope those homeless folks had a good time.
    I also hope that great things are ahead for this bride.

  3. Erika Craycraft doesn’t look like she’s been missing any meals. Perhaps she and Rashad should consider not cranking out so many babies to avoid being homeless, etc. I can only imagine the size of the portions she managed to consume and I’d bet the ranch her kids didn’t eat what was put in front of them. Even so, it was a very nice gesture that the ex-bride’s mama and daddy did for folks.

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