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Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany dethroned after risque Facebook photo

Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany dethroned
Were Miss France beauty pageant judges wrong to dethrone Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany for the above image?

French beauty queen, Eugénie Journée has been stripped off her Miss Brittany title just two days after winning the beauty pageant after a risque photo of her ended up on Facebook.

The law student was awarded the crown on Saturday only for organizers to take it away after discovering a photo of her in jeans and no top, which Journee claimed she posted months ago.

Although the picture does not reveal her breasts, organizers said pictures sans clothes were banned, adjudicating that the picture ‘breached the professional code of ethics,’ according to French outlet, 20 Minutes

The decision led to fans criticizing the decision, with Journée in turn thanking supporters on witter, as well as congratulating Léa Bizeul, the runner-up who has since been handed the title.

Bizeul will now go on to compete other regional winners for the Miss France competition in place of Journée.

Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany dethroned

The decision to strip Journee of her title led to many claiming that the photo was tame, whilst others questioned the seriousness of organizers.

Twitted one user:Deposed because of this photo? Seriously? Aren’t you ashamed Sylvie Tellier,’ (head organizer of Miss France)

Another tweeter wrote: ‘What! You can only see her feet!’

Others said they would boycott the show, accused organizers of hypocrisy.

Maddie Snow write: ‘Your swimming suit parades are more sexy and vulgar than this innocent picture. I’m boycotting!’

But Miss France director Sylvie defended the decision, telling Metronews: ‘The problem isn’t whether the photos are shocking or artistic. It’s the act of going nude that we punish.

‘It’s a shame because she is very pretty. She was one of my favourites,’ Tellier added.

Footage from RMNFM shows Journée being crowned the winner out of 13 contestants, all vying to take the regional title in order to go on to compete in the Miss France finals in Lille in December 2016.

Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany dethroned

The competition was marred by a similar controversy in 2013 when Norma Julia was crowned Miss Roussillon.

It was later discovered that she had taken part in a photo shoot wearing nothing but her underwear. 

Thierry Mazars, the regional Miss France delegate, told news agency AFP although the photos were not erotic,  the rules are strict and ‘they must be respected’.

In 2011, Laury Thilleman, the then Miss France champion, was also dethroned after risque photo shoot for Paris Match magazine, with the model barely wearing any clothes.

Following the loss of her title, Miss Journée released a statement on Twitter, saying: ‘Thank you all for your messages of support.

‘It is with sadness that I leave this beautiful adventure that I hold close to my heart.’ 

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Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany dethroned

Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany dethroned

Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany dethroned

Eugénie Journée, Miss Brittany dethroned