Home Scandal and Gossip Adacia Chambers killed 4 people cause she got fired.

Adacia Chambers killed 4 people cause she got fired.

Adacia Chambers killed 4 people cause she got fired
Did one recently fired woman, Adacia Chambers purposefully strike a crowd gathering after having been fired? Or was she just ‘mentally unhinged?’ Pictured Adacia Chambers via facebook.

A report has told Sunday evening that motorist Adacia Chambers who smashed into the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade Saturday morning, killing four and injuring 44, did so after having been fired half an hour before from her fast food franchise job.

Previously it had been thought that the 25 year old woman, speeding up to 50mph in a restricted speed zone had been drunk at the time.

Adacia Chambers intentionally crashed into victims cause she’s mentally ill

Adacia Chambers drunk: ‘How I plowed my car killing 4, injuring 34’

While blood samples collected from the woman will determine her alcohol toxicology levels at the time of the deadly collision which saw four killed and 44 injured, reports indicate that Chambers was likely ’mentally unhinged’.

According to a report via the Stillwater News Press, Chambers having been fired from her part time job at Stillwater’s Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, was observed leaving the fast food franchise in tears according to witness, Justin DeNoya who worked nearby.

Chambers had been set to work from 9am to 3.30pm when she was asked to leave just before 10 am.

Told Denoya who had been standing about 30 feet away from her as she left the premise : ‘She looked like she had been crying,’

‘She looked upset.’

Adding: ’She didn’t appear to be under the influence,’

‘She was walking in a straight line and didn’t seem intoxicated.’

Yet here’s where things get confusing and what appears managers at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers backing up, perhaps in fear of any potential liability or retaliation.

Told owner, Mark Thompson: ‘She was always on time. She is a pleasant person. I have nothing to say about her that isn’t good. She has been an excellent employee,’

‘She didn’t appear to be under the influence (when she left).’

And yet if Chambers was such an ‘excellent employee’ why was she then fired?

Told the corporate office in a statement: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Cowboy community and everyone affected by the event that occurred Saturday morning. We are deeply saddened by this terrible news and our Stillwater franchise restaurant is cooperating fully with law enforcement officials.’

Responding to allegations that Chambers was drunk, her attorney, Tony Coleman, during a press conference asserted Chambers ‘was by no means drunk’.

Telling he smelled no trace of alcohol on Chambers during a jailhouse visit and did not believe her to be in a ‘drunken stupor.

‘I absolutely can rule out alcohol,’ the lawyer told.

Adding: ‘I have deep concerns about her competency at this point. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but I can tell you she’s suffering from mental illness.’

He suggested Chambers may have ‘blacked out,‘ adding to her confusion after the crash, telling ‘she only remembers’ being taken out of her wrecked vehicle. The lawyer also mentioned Chambers struggling to sleep of late.

Asked if he believed Chambers to be suicidal, Coleman said, ‘absolutely.’

The incident has since led to Chambers facing four counts of second degree murder and one count of driving under the influence, with some wondering whether Chambers had purposefully set to run a gathering over after being terminated as a form of revenge? Or even in a bid to take her own life?

At present, Adacia Chambers is being held at Payne County jail and is set for an initial court hearing Monday.

Images via facebook.

Adacia Chambers killed 4 people cause she got fired.

Adacia Chambers killed 4 people cause she got fired.



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  2. No accident has just one cause – if OSU wants to use the road for a party
    or parade why don’t they securely block it off from normal traffic?

  3. Reasonably well-rounded, insightful article. More editorial than news, but better news than many of the current crop of hard news offerings out there. Well-stated, though in need of an editor. Good marks overall for the piece, an F for the purposefully inane and pandering title.

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