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Triston Horne arrested after breaking ex wife’s sex toy: ‘She cheated on me with it’

Triston Horne
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Triston Home a 36 year old Florida man has been arrested after allegedly breaking his former wife’s sex toy.

The incident came to pass after Horne who has an extensive history of domestic abuse visited his ex wife’s home in Bradenton, on July 1.

During the man’s visit, the ex husband feeling slighted that his ex was using a sex toy flew into a rage where he accused his ex of cheating on him with the sex toy.

The victim told police their marriage had to be nullified shortly after they tied the knot, when she learned that her husband was already married to another woman.

Despite both going on their separate ways,  the ex wife said her sons continued to regard Horne as a father figure.

She had invited him to spend the night so he could take her to work in the morning, and the two were reportedly smoking cigarettes in her bedroom when a disagreement escalated into a fight, police said.

At one point, Horne allegedly busted in on his ex-wife in the bathroom and accused her of cheating on him with a sex toy. He grabbed her hand and twisted it despite her pleas to let go. 

Horne eventually did but only so he could go back to the bedroom and return with his evidence, which he promptly broke in half.

That’s when the ex wife told Horne to leave, and she and her 16-year-old daughter physically pushed him out of the house.

But it gets better.

Later that evening, Horne returned, breaking in to his wife’s home, stealing his ex-wife’s cell phone.

In his defense the husband said he took it because she broke his phone. 

Asked what type of sex toy the husband destroyed, Dave Bristow, public information officer for the sheriff’s office, responded he did not know what type of sex toy Horne broke.

Horne was booked in Manatee County Jail on Sunday on a charge of domestic battery, and released the following day after he posted $1,500 bail, according to online jail records.

The suspect had been previously arrested for battery five times since 2007, according to records.

Triston Horne

Triston Horne