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Accident? Lauren Bajorek, Penn State student falls to her death

 Lauren Bajorek
Was the death of Lauren Bajorek just an accident?

Lauren Bajorek, a senior Penn State University student has died this weekend after falling from a third floor balcony whilst studying abroad in Seville, Spain.

To date the finance major’s death has been ruled an accident whilst Spanish authorities continue to investigate how the woman who had been on an 8 week study internship fell.

Said a statement from Penn State: ‘We are all deeply saddened to learn of Lauren Bajorek’s passing and offer our sincerest condolences to her family and friends… ‘

‘We send heartfelt sympathies to all whose lives were touched by Lauren.’

The statement noted that the student had been abroad studying in Seville since May 25.

Officials with Penn State’s Student Affairs and Global Programs have reportedly been in contact with Bajorek’s family, and counseling services will be available for any students impacted by her death. 

In addition to her major in finance, Bajorak was double minoring in  Spanish and music performance. 

On her LinkedIn page, Bajorek described herself as a ‘dedicated, vibrant, and passionate college student.’ 

She was also a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity and played French horn in the Penn State Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphonic Band.

Since Bajorek’s death, commentators on the web have questioned how the woman may have come to have fallen, whether it was necessarily accidental, a bid at suicide, whether she was the victim of foul play, or the result of poor supervision/coordination at the facility?

Indeed there has been an outlash with many of the girl’s peers and student body in disbelief that the dedicated student had simply fallen to her death accidentally with many insisting on a thorough investigation …

 Lauren Bajorek
Lauren Bajorek via linkedn

 Lauren Bajorek
Lauren Bajorek on the right.

 Lauren Bajorek

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  • John

    This needs a thorough unbiased investigation. No information coming from Penn St (other than the standard PR response), the Seville Consulate, the Madrid Embassy, Seville police.

    What I want to know:
    -is there really an “investigation”?
    -were the people present in the apartment questioned?
    -do the people in the apartment have any arrest record?
    -was a full toxicology screen performed to see if she was slipped any street
    -were the friends who were with them interviewed about what happened earlier in the day?
    -what does it take to break the silence? Do we have to go there and do it
    -do the major news outlets need to be contacted to apply the necessary pressure
    for answers?
    All I am getting is crickets.