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Stephanie Miller beats up boyfriend after denying her sex at burrito restaurant

Stephanie Miller
Stephanie Miller is also a preferred hawt bixch. Because only men are allowed to be rejected …

Stephanie Miller a 26 year old Oaks Forest, Chicago woman has been arrested after beating up her boyfriend who declined her overtures to have sex in the restroom of a local El Burrito Loco restaurant.

Incensed that her boyfriend denied her the woman allegedly began to bang the man’s head against the wall next to the urinal as he tended to relieving himself.

Moments before the attack the woman is said to have followed her boyfriend into the men’s room where she took to stripping and demanding that her boyfriend ‘satisfy’ her.

The incident reports the The Chicago Tribune occurred on April 25th after the couple had gone to dine at El Burrito Loco in Midlothian, Ill.

Prior to arriving at the fast food franchise the pair had visited ‘Sullivan’s Pub’ but were forced to leave after the girlfriend had thrown sandwiches at patrons and had ‘behaved erratically.’

Pursuant to her arrest cops discovered Stephanie Miller was in possession of prescription pills under the guise of another name after she began to indiscriminately rummage through her handbag in front of attending police officers.

Since charged with domestic battery and illegal possession of prescription drugs Miller is being held on $75,000 bail and is scheduled back in court May 18.

It is not necessarily understood if the couple are still an item anymore …

Stephanie Miller

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