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Sgt Al Richard Charlie, Fort Bragg soldier charged with slitting throats of two dogs cause they barked at him

Sgt Al Richard Charlie
Why did Sgt Al Richard Charlie slit the throat of 2 dogs?

Sgt Al Richard Charlie a 32 year old Fort Bragg soldier has been arrested after stealing two dogs, a Labrador and its puppy and slitting their throats after they barked at him.

The attack on the dogs, Lucky and Wanagit came after the soldier went to visit the home of a friend in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Monday whose dogs proceeded to bark at the man as he entered the family home.

The dogs would later be discovered with their throats slit in trash bags in nearby woodland.

The incident comes just weeks after the Fort Bragg soldier returned from deployment abroad.

Offered Lt. Elaine Smith, a Cumberland County animal control officer via WRAL: ‘As far as I know, there was no cause to harm these dogs, and to see something that brutal done to two innocent creatures is very disturbing and very troubling,’

Adding: ‘And we are hoping if this individual is found guilty, he will be prosecuted appropriately.’

The attack on the dogs comes after Charlie was earlier this year charged with domestic violence  as well as unlawfully firing a gun in 2013.

Pursuant to the discovery of the dog’s bodies the man was detained Thursday and now faces felony charges of stealing the dogs, possession of stolen property and animal cruelty.

At present it is not necessarily what set the man off and whether the man’s active combat and recent deployment may have led to him exhibiting Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Sgt Al Richard Charlie

Sgt Al Richard Charlie

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  1. that’s what his defense will be I’m sure. He will say that being in the military messed him up

  2. He’s obviously got issues. Needs help and serious attention before he begins to hurt people as well.

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